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Meet Tiger Lily Studios' Owners

Shane and Susan Epperly LMTI's
Meet The Owners Shane & Susan Epperly

Tiger Lily Studios is a family owned boutique wellness center on Austin’s East Side. Operated by husband and wife team Susan and Shane Epperly, we offer a unique collection of natural, non-invasive solutions for your face and body.

Specializing in pain relief through Clinical Massage Therapy and gentle but effective ways to age gracefully and beautifully, we employ a powerful combination of ancient healing modalities with today’s leading edge technology.

We incorporate a unique and powerful combination of therapeutic techniques into our service menu, including:

Clinical Massage Therapy
NeuroMuscular Reprogramming
Endermologie "The Anti-Cellulite Treatment"
EndermoLift "Face Lift" Massage
EndermoTherapy Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment
Vibration Therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial
Flexibility Therapy (Stretching)
Postural & Gait Analysis
Deep Muscle Stimulator (D.M.S.)

We think that upon visiting us, you’ll find that our facility doesn’t provide the “typical” massage, spa, or wellness experience. We have advanced clinical massage schooling, hands-on clinical training, and years of clinical experience that give us practical and theoretical expertise in static postural evaluation and gait assessment; clinical muscle testing; ROM testing; manual, mechanized, and light based pain relief therapy; and post-treatment assessment.

We have a working knowledge of practical and theoretical trigger point and myofascial release therapies (including manual, mechanical, and light-based approaches), and a working comprehension of the genesis and resolution of soft tissue derived pain.

We have studied and crafted a wide variety of therapeutic protocols that also provide cosmetically advantageous benefits, including the use of EndermoLift Face Lift Massage, Facial Cupping, Endermologie, and the use of strategically chosen nourishing oils. 

We incorporate a unique and powerful combination of non-invasive therapeutic techniques into our practice that is hard to come by here in Austin, or anywhere else in the country, for that matter.

We look forward to introducing you to all the ways in which we can help you look and feel great naturally!