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  Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy AustinWith Clinical Massage Therapy our goal is to offer you a uniquely customized massage session that will effectively address your own very specific needs. In order to facilitate our ability to do so in a simple and straight-forward manner, when you choose the “Clinical Massage Session” from our service menu, you will be charged one straight-forward fee that will include a wide variety of therapeutic services.

Trigger Point TherapyDepending on the specific pain complaints, emotional needs, and health goals that you may bring to us, we will design a customized session just for you, drawing upon all of our academic education, clinical training, and even intuition. We prefer to combine all of our strengths, abilities, modalities, and knowledge into a melting pot that we bring to each of our sessions, as opposed to doling out our skills a la carte at various different (and potentially confusing) price points. We feel that this allows us to provide you with the most beneficial therapeutic session possible and assures you that we will never try to sell you up to a more expensive service or attempt to talk you into a laundry list of “add ons.”

The following amenities may be incorporated into your “Clinical Massage Session” at no extra charge (in accordance with any applicable contraindications and / or time constraints, and at the discretion of your therapist):


When booking your session, please make a note telling us a little bit about your specific pain complaint and / or what your primary goals are for your massage therapy session (relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, increased range of motion, etc.). We will combine our modalities in order to create a specifically customized therapeutic session just for you.

We think that upon visiting us, you’ll find that our clinic doesn’t provide the “typical” massage experience. We have advanced clinical massage schooling and hands-on clinical hours that give us practical and theoretical expertise in static postural evaluation and gait assessment; clinical muscle testing; ROM testing; manual pain relief therapy; and post-treatment assessment. We both have a working knowledge of practical and theoretical trigger point and myofascial release therapies (including manual, mechanical, and light-based approaches), and a working comprehension of the genesis and resolution of soft tissue derived pain. We incorporate a unique and powerful combination of therapeutic techniques into our practice that is hard to come by here in Austin, or anywhere else in the country, for that matter.


Here's What A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say:


Amazing Business, Great Treatment, Awesome Folks!
5 Star Review
Jenna H. says: I had never thought of massage as a maintenance plan for health and well being, only for acute situations...boy was I wrong! While I came in on an emergency, I've stayed for the long haul. Seeing Susan once a month for the last 5 years has helped with my mobility, health and mood! Susan and Shane are incredibly knowledgeable professionals (as well as super-fantastic people) and are always bringing in new technology to help heal us. I can't recommend them enough! *

Always the best!
 5 Star Review
Joseph Y. says:
My wife and I are from out of town, and always make it a point to see Shane and Susan whenever we visit. This year was no different, and the level of customer service they provide is exceptional! It all started with the first call we made to them in over a year as we headed to my parents' home from the airport. They remembered us right away, and even with such short notice, were able to schedule us within the timeframe of our abbreviated stay. We were staying an hour away, but the morning of our appointment, we got up early so we could make it there on time. Susan met us outside their new location, and was able to buzz us in to their gated parking area. We started a few minutes early, and the knowledge and expertise both Shane and Susan bring to the table (pun intended) is phenomenal! I had some tightness and discomfort in my upper back, shoulder, and neck area, and by the time our session was up, I was good as new! Shane also took the time to educate me with different stretches and techniques to use, and gave me some handouts to refer to. Bottom line is if you are looking for a professional massage, one that gives results, with world-class customer service, do yourself a favor, and check out Shane and Susan at Tiger Lily Studios! *

It's been several years since I first discovered Shane and Susan...and it keeps getting better...
5 Star Review
Greg H. says:
I see Shane most of the time, but sometimes I see Susan. They are without a doubt two of the best massage therapists I have ever known. Whether it's for relaxation or to help cure aches and pains from exercise or stress, they are the best. I eventually talked my wife into using their services, and she is now also a dedicated customer of Susan's. A great couple...a great business and great friends. *

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