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Cosmopolitan Cupping FacialThe Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial

This non-invasive treatment helps to stimulate your skin's natural collagen production, helping to firm up fine lines and wrinkles without injections or surgery.



The Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial


Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial

What Is The Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial?

Susan’s signature "Cosmopolitan" Cupping Facial incorporates Swedish
Facial Massage, Chinese Negative Pressure Cupping, Ayurvedic Indian
Head Massage Techniques, and Scandinavian Hot & Cold Therapy.
Susan has assembled a beautiful mosaic of massage modalities from
across the globe and blended them together to create this uniquely
rejuvenating facial treatment. Your journey begins with a hot towel
wrap and a deeply relaxing Swedish Facial Massage that will leave the
musculature of your face exquisitely relaxed and toned.
A Scandinavian heat application facilitates the absorption of a unique
blend of nourishing oils. Next, the ancient healing modality of negative
pressure cupping is employed.

This gentle massage technique, used extensively intraditional Chinese medicine, is renowned for
eliminating the buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck; stimulating circulation; assisting
in lymphatic drainage; imparting a more youthful and "lifted" appearance; and relieving the pain
associated with sinus congestion and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, among many
more benefits.  Finally, this blissful voyage concludes with a soothing scalp massage using
traditional Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage techniques and a Scandinavian cold application that
will refresh and revitalize your face.

This globally-influenced treatment will leave you saying, “It’s a trip!”


How Can The Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial Help Me?


Cosmopolitan Cupping FacialCosmetically, this service is very effective in reducing everyday facial puffiness, creating a
lifted appearance, reducing dark circles under the eyes, minimizing bags under the eyes,
firming up jowls, diminishing fine lines & wrinkles, and assisting with the resolution of facial

 Furthermore, the “Cosmopolitan” can offer relief from sinus congestion, ease the
symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, relieve some headaches, resolve some
earaches, and decrease the pain and swelling associated with TMJ (temporomandibular
joint) disorder.

 Susan’s “Cosmopolitan” service also plays an important role in many clients’ mesotherapy
post treatment regimen and post facial surgery recovery.  Susan’s “Cosmopolitan” Cupping
Facial lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

You may also opt for a "Cosmopolitan" Cupping Facial Package, which consists of six "Cosmopolitan" sessions. Many clients find it to be beneficial to enjoy a"Cosmopolitan" Cupping Facial session each week.

Susan’s “Cosmopolitan” Cupping Facial is a facial massage, rather than a traditional skincare facial or “mini facial.”  As such, it does not include any cleansing, toning, mask application, skin analysis, steam application, or extractions. For specific skincare concerns, please consult your aesthetician or dermatologist.  If necessary, we will be happy to refer you to a qualified skincare expert.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding Susan’s “Cosmopolitan” Cupping Facial.


If you are interested in enjoying all of the benefits of Susan’s “Cosmopolitan”
Cupping Facial in a quicker (30 minute) session, you might consider our
EndermoLift “Face Lift Massage.”


EndermoLift Face Lift Massage


Here's What A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say:


I have had a lot of body work in Austin and Tiger Lily Studios is definitely one of my favorites.
5 Star Review

Eli H. says:  "...Susan's facials are wonderful for firming and building collagen. She uses hot/cold temps with massage and cupping with fancy oils all over my face, neck and chest. I look amazing after." *

Reduced swelling
5 Star Review

Shannon J. says: I had a cupping facial with Susan, and it was wonderful. It was the best facial of any kind I'd ever had. I had swelling in my face from an allergic reaction and the facial really helped reduce the puffiness. Susan has a magic touch - she's not only knowledgable and skilled, but fun to talk to as well. In addition, she was able to get me in on very short notice. I highly recommend her. *

Wonderful experience.
5 Star Review

Julie W. says: Susan saved my face! After a mesotherapy procedure I was so swollen and bruised. I went in for the Cosmopolitan facial, and Susan performed the cupping procedure. Not only was it relaxing, but it relieved all the tenderness and greatly diminished the swelling. What a relief; my face no longer hurt! She is a phenomenal person and does incredible work. She offered some great suggestions for maintaining the pain relief. I highly recommend her to anyone! I will be taking advantage of the other services she and Shane offer.*

Instant relief!
5 Star Review

Donna W. says: Susan was awesome and the Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial was beyond amazing! I came to Susan in a panic after some mesotherapy that resulted in some significant swelling in my face...right before a big girl's trip. I got instant relief and will absolutely come back to experience more incredible services!*

Loved my facial!
5 Star Review

Tammy S. says: Loved my facial cupping service! The cupping service Susan does is the best in Austin! Thanks for doing what you do best.*

Susan is simply the best out there!
5 Star Review

Lonni M. says:  Susan is delightful and a consummate professional at her work. I have had massages from Susan as well as her "Cosmopolitan" facial cupping--which made my skin look and feel wonderful!*

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