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"The Cosmopolitan" Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck (Chinese Negative Pressure Facial Cupping) Instructional Protocol DVD

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Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck DVD


Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck incorporates Swedish Massage, Chinese Negative Pressure Cupping, and Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Techniques. Susan has assembled a beautiful mosaic of massage modalities from across the globe and blended them together to create this uniquely rejuvenating facial massage treatment.

The instructions on this disc is presented in two parts, with the first part a theoretical overview and the second part a practical demonstration of "Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck".

This instruction on "Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck" is intended not only for professional health & beauty practitioners, such as Physicians, Massage Therapists, Aestheticians, Facialists, and Cosmetologists, but also for anyone who is interested in learning and using Cupping Therapy for the Neck & Face for their own health & beauty regimen, and for anyone who would like to treat their friends to a fabulously relaxing facial treatment.

This modality is a gentle massage technique, used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and renowned for eliminating the buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck; stimulating circulation; assisting in lymphatic drainage; imparting a more youthful and "lifted" appearance; and relieving the pain associated with sinus congestion and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder.

“Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck” will prepare you to:

  • Explain to your clients the conditions that are indicated for Cupping Therapy (in other words, in which situations this service would be helpful), including how this modality can be advantageous to Mesotherapy patients;
  • Describe to your clients the mechanism by which this modality works (in other words, how & why it works);
  • Identify situations in which Cupping Therapy for the face and neck would be contraindicated (in other words, situations in which this service may be harmful);
  • Perform this service safely and effectively;
  • Make an informed decision regarding equipment by choosing from the variety of cupping equipment on the market;
  • Be able to find various manufacturers of cupping equipment;
  • Explain to your clients how this service affects the body’s systems, and how affecting these systems can benefit them;
  • Develop a strategy for pricing and marketing this service;
  • Protect your own professional interests and limit your professional liability by employing appropriate documentation and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Incorporate this service into your existing practice and service menu and combine it with other modalities that you may offer.


Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck offers a host of advantages for the practitioner offering it:

  • Practicing this modality is a lower impact activity than massage or other forms of bodywork.
  • This modality offers an extremely high R.O.I. (Return on Investment).
  • This modality makes a great add-on service.
  • Although there are many holistic health advantages to this service, it can also be offered as an aesthetic service.
  • This modality can be adapted to fit within many practitioners’ scopes of practice.

“Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck” viewers will be fully prepared to immediately start offering this fantastic service to their clientele.

Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck Technique Poster

chinese negative pressure facial cupping poster

$29.95 USD for this 24 x 36 inch poster ready to frame. 
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Supplemental Material to Tiger Lily Studios' Video

Illustrated by Susan Epperly, this poster is the perfect visual aid to help reinforce the information presented in Tiger Lily Studios' Instructional Video, "Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck" This beautifully illustrated chart serves as an artful "at-a-glance" reference to remind practitioners about the location of the lymph nodes of the head, neck, and face; the areas of the body drained by the two major lymph ducts; the location of the sinuses; and the directional paths for facial cupping.  Displayed in one's treatment room, this poster can also serve as a powerful marketing tool, prompting clients and / or patients to inquire about facial cupping.