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Designing The Perfect Massage Space (eBook)
Written By Susan Epperly, B.A., L.M.T., L.M.T.I. 

Format:  PDF (Tested on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC/Mac, Android Platforms).
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 Designing The Perfect Massage Space (e-Book)

Susan Epperly’s new e-book, “Designing the Perfect Massage Space” is the second book in Tiger Lily Studios’ “Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates)” series.


This e-book is part of Tiger Lily Studios’ “Your M.B.A. (Massage Business Advocates)” Series and will enable you to harness the power of harmonious interior design to bolster your practice and increase your income.

Creating the perfect massage space is not just about decorating your massage room so that it looks esthetically pleasing.  Truly designing the perfect massage space means crafting an environment that is beautiful, welcoming, and exceptionally functional.  An optimally designed space will allow you to do your very best work, in turn bolstering your practice and increasing your income.

In this e-book, Susan Epperly, BA, LMT, LMTI explains the basic concepts, principles, and theories of design, and shares her many years of experience with designing functional massage environments.  Her thriving private massage practice is a testament to how designing the perfect massage space can facilitate the cultivation of a strong brand identity and a successful wellness practice.  


OVER 443 pages, 105,000 words, and 260 full color photos take you through the secrets of infusing your space with beauty, hospitality & functionality. 


In this e-book, you will learn:

•Why it’s important to prioritize the creation of a well designed massage space.

•Some Basic Design “Rules of Thumb” that predictably create a certain visual effect.

•The basic Elements of Design, including interior design.

•The basic Design Principles that allow one to combine the elements of design in a harmonious manner.

•How to Choose the Perfect Space if you’re currently looking for office space.

•Suggestions regarding what types of equipment, furnishings, and accessories will be necessary to Optimally Outfit your Work Space.

•Issues to consider to Ensure that your Work Environment is Compliant with your State Massage Therapy Board or other regulatory body.

•How to Cultivate an Exceptional Degree of Hospitality in your massage space.

•How to Facilitate the Conduction of Business Transactions in the same space where healing therapeutic sessions are transpiring.

•How to incorporate Safety and Security into your work environment, for both you and your clients.

•How to Facilitate the Display and Sales of Retail Products in your space.

•Painting Tips should you decide to paint the interior of your massage space.

•How to Cut Costs without sacrificing style.

•A basic explanation of Color Theory and how different colors effect mood and emotion.

•A discussion of how different colors correspond to the Chakras, Chinese Theory of the Five Elements, and Feng Shui.

•A discussion of what constitutes harmonious Color Flow, and how to cultivate it.

•An explanation of the different types of Color Schemes and the pros and cons of using each.

•Ideas for various Color Combinations, Palates, Schemes, and Themes.

•Some common Color Challenges and suggestions for potential solutions.

•Solutions for Adding Warmth and Coziness to a cold, harsh office space.

•Ideas for handling Windows and Window Coverings.

•Suggestions for choosing Appropriate and Inspiring Artwork for your space.

•Lots of easy and affordable ideas for Creating Your Own Art with which to decorate your space.

•Ideas for sourcing and / or making furniture, accessories, and equipment that will make your space memorably unique, functional, and beautiful On a Tight Budget.

•Suggestions regarding how to beautifully Integrate your professional diplomas, licenses, certificates, reference charts, and diagrams into the décor of your office.

•How Lighting affects the mood, esthetics, and functionality of your massage space and how to make appropriate lighting choices.

•Input regarding what Susan has learned to be important aspects of a Highly Functional Massage Space.

•A way of thinking that enables you to Anticipate the Needs of your Clients, yourself, and the efficient execution of your work, and to fulfill those needs through thoughtful design and décor.

•How to Think of Your Client’s Experience in Your Space as a Journey, and how to create a design that supports that journey.

•Some ideas for cultivating a space that will Instill Confidence in Your Clients, thereby bolstering the strength of your brand and the longevity of your practice.

•Ways that Susan has learned to make a cold, decidedly “uncozy” rented space Feel More Like Home – to both you and your clients.

•How to Add Hospitable “Spa Like” Touches to your massage space and how doing so can boost your practice.

•How Holiday Decorations can create a more festive, hospitable environment.

•How to use your beautifully crafted space to Supplement your Marketing efforts.

An inspired space will ensure that you’re able to do your most inspired work.  So invest in your practice today by downloading “Designing the Perfect Massage Space” today and start putting the secrets of interior design to work for you!