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EndermoLift - Face Lift Massage

Endermolift facial lift massage


What Is EndermoLift?

EndermoLift is the latest in non-surgical face lifting & toning technology from LPG Systems France.  This is the perfect treatment for those wishing to repair and prevent the signs of aging in a safe, gradual manner with no downtime.


How Does It Work?

EndermoLift What Is It?

EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" is a mechanical work out for the skin. It delivers micro-beats to stimulate your cells’ natural production of collagen and elastin. This age defying technique redensifies the skin deep down and eases signs of aging without the use of electrical currents, injections or chemicals.  This quick, relaxing service (which incorporates a unique collection of complementary circulation-stimulating modalities, and can address all of the following concerns:

- Aging Face, Neck & Décolleté 
- Sagging Jawline
Marionette Lines (Lip Corners)
- Lip Lines (Smoker's Lines)
Crow's Feet
Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles
Nasolabial Folds (Laugh Lines)
Worry Lines (Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles)
Frown Lines (Vertical Forehead Wrinkles)

Endermolift helps with these areas











What Makes EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" Unique?

Question:  Why choose LPG's Endermolift "Face Lift Massage" over other, more invasive, ablative, or traumatic anti-aging procedures such as fractional laser skin resurfacing, harsh chemical peels, or micro needling?

Answer:  "Thermal and chemical techniques can also stimulate the production of collagen. However, if the temperature of fibroblasts is increased, or aggressive substances are injected into the skin, then traumatic collagen will be produced (in response to the wound created). The quality of this collagen is poor and the tissue quality is impaired. Over time, such invasive measures may cause fibrosis, which interferes with the elasticity and flexibility of tissues and adversely affects skin texture.

That's why the natural, mechanical methods are most preferred. It's been clinically proven that the mechanical stretching of a firbroblast stimulates the production of new, healthy collagen and elastin. This method is called 'mechanotransduction.' This recognized, physiopathological phenomenon occurs naturally in the body - and it's the foundation of LPG's cellular stimulation science." 

~Dr. Philippe Blanchemaison,
Vascular Medicine,  A Specialist in Beauty Related Medical Techniques

We have created a uniquely relaxing experience that offers an optimally effective protocol. Having combined a unique, complementary collection of circulation-stimulating modalities with LPG's Endermolift "Face Lift Massage." 

LPG's Endermolift "Face Lift Massage" does for one's face what LPG's Endermologie "Anti-Cellulite Massage" does for the body: lifts, firms, smooths, sculpts, and naturally stimulates the skin's production of healthy, high-quality collagen and elastin.

 Endermologie the best world wide treatment

EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" Also Complements Other Procedures.

 Endermolift compliments injections







If you are about to or have already invested in an invasive or surgical facial rejuvenation procedure, then you want to do whatever you possibly can in order to ensure the very best results possible.

The good news is that EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" can complement the results of other more invasive or surgical facial rejuvenation procedures, including (but not limited to):

Facial Liposuction
Laser Lipo
Radio Frequency (RF)
Micro-Laser Lipo
Buccal Fat Removal
Cheek Reduction
LED Laser Fat Reduction
Cold Energy
Cool Sculpt
Surgical Procedures Like:
Face Lift
Neck Lift
Eye Lift
Forehead Lift

EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" can help address many of the undesirable side effects of these procedures, including:

  • Raised and / or discolored surgical scars
  • Swelling, puffiness & lymphedema
  • Ischemia (inadequate blood supply / lack of local microcirculation)
  • Sagging skin (after fat removal)


Ask your doctor whether EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" prior to and / or after your procedure may help to optimize your results.

Call us with any questions you may have regarding the appropriateness of EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage" as a complementary adjunct therapy to your recent facial rejuvenation procedure. We’ll be happy to help!


EndermoLift: A Technique For Men And Women Of All Ages.

  • Safely and sustainably tap into your skin's rejuvenation potential.
  • An effective age defying solution that is both non-aggressive and 100% natural.
  • The right balance between alternative medicine techniques that are too ineffective and techniques that are too aggressive and risky.
  • A radiant face at any age.
  • Keep your face in shape, like you do with your body ("skin fitness").
  • Replenishes the skin and attenuates the signs of aging.
  • Leaves your face looking radiant and rejuvenated.
  • Provides cellular stimulation.
  • Firms the skin.
  • The only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid (+80%)*.
  • Conditions your metabolism to be more efficient.

  Clinical Studies for EndermoLift "Face Lift Massage"

  * One-of-a-kind scientific study involving facial biopsies performed on 20 subjects by the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besancon, France under the supervision of Prof. Humbert, 2013. See the study.   


Our EndermoLift Package consists of 12 sessions (each session lasts approximately 30 minutes), which are maximally advantageous when
completed twice per week, for six consecutive weeks, or more frequently for "fast track" results.

EndermoLift Package: $1,150
12 (30 minute) sessions of EndermoLift Face Lift Massage + StimuLight

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 EndermoLift Facial Lift Massage