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Endermologie Fanny ForwardEndermologie - The Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Endermologie is an FDA approved, non-invasive, non-surgical, safe treatment that smooths cellulite, tones and conditions your skin, and resculpts your figure. 


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Endermologie Treatment




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What Is Endermologie?

Well for starters, the word Endermologie is French for "through the dermis." Endermologie and its sister service, LipoMassage, are both based on the same relaxing, painless, massage-based technology that was developed in France by LPG.


How Does Endermologie Work?

Endermologie is a mechanized massage modality that uses rollers
and gentle suctioning to deeply massage the affected areas,
increasing circulation, conditioning fascial tissue, facilitating
lymphatic drainage, toning the skin, and smoothing cellulite.


What Is LipoMassage And How Is It Different

Than Endermologie?

LipoMassage is yet another cellulite-smoothing modality that we are
pleased to offer our clients.

Based on the same mechanism of action that makes Endermologie
so effective (mechanotransduction), LipoMassage is an even more
powerful method for smoothing, sculpting, and toning the body's tissues.
The machine that is used to provide LipoMassage is uniquely suited to
address particularly stubborn or advanced stages of cellulite. If your
cellulite has been resistant to other treatments, and / or is exceptionally
severe, then LipoMassage may be an appropriate choice for you.

How Do I Know Which Cellulite Treatment

Is Right For Me?

The choice you make between Endermologie and LipoMassage will
mostly depend on the severity of your cellulite.

Cellulite advances through a predictable series of stages, from less to
more severe. If your cellulite is less severe in nature (refer to stage 1
below), then you will likely see satisfactory results from Endermologie.
If your cellulite has progressed to an advanced stage, however (refer to
stages 2 and 3 below), you may need to consider LipoMassage in
order to achieve the best possible results.

We will be happy to help you assess the severity of your cellulite at
your first appointment, and together, we can determine which service
might be best for you.

How Severe Is My Cellulite?

Because we tend to see our fair share of cellulite, clients often ask us,
"How bad is my cellulite compared to that of other people?"

First of all, what matters much more than how your cellulite compares to
anyone else's is how much your cellulite bothers YOU. Some people have
what would be considered severe cellulite and they are quite comfortable
with it. While others, despite having a relatively slight case of cellulite, are very
self-conscious and uneasy about it. Your seeking out a treatment for
your cellulite should not be based on anyone else's opinion or judgement,
but rather on your OWN desire to take care of and feel proud of the skin
you're in!
That being said, in 1972, Nürnberger and Müller actually devised a clinical
grading scale for cellulite. 

This scale is comprised of three separate stages through which cellulite
predictably progresses. To determine the stage of your own cellulite,
look over your shoulder into a mirror and assess the cellulite on your
buttock and thighs. Or alternatively, have a trusted friend snap a photo
of your buttock and thighs while you face away from him or her. (Doing
this will not only allow you to determine the current severity of your cellulite,
but also help you track changes as you progress through your treatment

Stage 1 Cellulite:

The cellulite (dimpling) is only visible when you pinch your skin or when you
contract the underlying muscles.

Stage 2 Cellulite:

The cellulite (dimpling) is visible while you are standing upright.

Stage 3 Cellulite:

The cellulite (dimpling) is visible not only when you are standing, but also when
you are lying down (supine).

As discussed previously, the stage of your cellulite will help determine which
treatment protocol is right for you.


Endermologie Before & After Gallery



Here Are A Few Reviews From Some
Of Our Endermologie Clients:


The combination of the endermologie and the vibration therapy
has made my cellulite disappear!

5 Star Review
Karen M. says: Both Susan and Shane are the best at what they do.
I cannot say enough regarding their professionalism, awesome services
and the results that they have helped me to obtain. In addition to their
amazing pain relieving clinical massage techniques and cold laser,
I have also found that the combination of the endermologie and the
vibration therapy has made my cellulite disappear at the age of 46!
As an extra bonus, I've lost weight too! I just used my last session of
endermologie with Shane and decided to go swimsuit shopping on
the way home. Quite frankly, I was ready to cringe with the awful
dressing room lighting as it is normally is extremely unflattering.
Guess what? I was amazed at the results that I saw and I bought two
swimsuits. Needless to say, I am feeling more confident and not dreading
going to the beach or pool. I will be continuing these sessions for maintenance.
These guys rock!*

Great Service
5 Star Review
Talita G. says: Shane was awesome to me
and I could see results on my first session of Endermologie.
Highly recommend!*

I really enjoyed my experience here.
5 Star Review
Mallory M. says:  I really enjoyed my experience here. Susan is extremely welcoming
and informative. I was pleased with my results from the endermolgie and am looking
forward to booking more services with Tiger Lily Studios.*

Sue and Shane are both miracle workers!
May 10, 2016
5 Star Review
Amy O. says: Sue and Shane are both miracle workers! I've been to both for massages when I have had certain cricks or sore muscles, and always walk out feeling so much better! These folks really know what they are doing, and are definitely some of the best massage therapists I have ever been to.
I've also recently finished the Endermologie Ultra Package with Sue, and WOW!, can I see a difference in my legs! It's quite a commitment (18 sessions), but well worth the time and the cost!
All in all, I don't know what I would do without Shane and Sue...they are AWESOME!*

Susan is my endermologie genius!!
Endermologie Lipo Results
Emily S says: I was concerned about small amounts of cellulite and some
hardness after surgery. I called Tiger Lily Studios because after some internet research
I thought endermologie may be what I was looking for. Shane
answered all of my questions and suggested the 6 pack
of sessions over the 18 pack and immediately I could tell that this place
values what's best for you over making some extra money. 

When I got there, Susan gave me a background history on the practice and
the machine that she was about to use. It's like a mini vacuum that she rolls
on the areas of your body you are concerned about. You can go from 1-9.
I'm kind of a pansy and stayed around 3 but she said it doesn't have to be
on 9 to be effective and boy is she right!

I've completed my six sessions and I can tell an immense difference in my body.
Not a trace of cellulite and no hardness in my body at all!! 100% bikini ready!*

5 Star Review
Leslie S. Says:  It was about 5 years ago when I first
started going to Shane and Susan.  I was on a hunt to get rid of some
minor but unsightly cellulite.  After A LOT of research and knowing that
I didn't want to gounder the knife, I came across Endermologie at
Tiger LIly Studios.  No, I am not a giant person (5'4" 120#) but like
most people, there is some cellulite present no matter how much you
work out or diet.  

I ended up investing in the series of the Endermologie treatment,
and it was one of the best decisions.  The process only takes 2 times
a week for 30mins.  And slipping into a compression suit ("super hero
suit"), hanging out with complete and comfortable professionals, and
striking up friendly conversations while listening to classic rock....
what more could you ask for?  From day one, I could tell a difference.  
My 'problem areas' around my buttocks, gluteal fold, and upper thighs
started to feel tighter.  About halfway through the treatment I was at
the beach with some girlfriends and they were complimenting me on
my backside, which was a really a boost of self esteem.  At the end of
my treatment series, I felt like I could be a bathing suit model. :) *


I have had a lot of bodywork in Austin and Tiger Lily
is definitely one of my favorites
Endermologie Lipo Results11/27/2015
Eli H. says:  "...The Endermologie with Susan is great too.
It has helped my skin and complextion so much because
I think it is flushing my lymph system." *

Susan and Shane Epperly are the best in this business.
5 Star Rating
Nancy B. says: I have to say that I was skeptical of endermologie.
I now go at least once a week and will continue to do so. I
noticed a significant difference in the cellulite on my
legs in about six sessions and it continues to get better each
time I have a treatment.*


*Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via review sites, text, audio or
video submission.  They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of
those who have used our products and / or services in some way or another. However,
they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical
results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily
representative of all of those who will use our products and / or services.

Endermologie helps you slim down fast.


Understanding Cellulite

Endermologie Also Complements Other Procedures.

If you are about to or have already invested in one of the many fat reduction
procedures that are available these days, then you want to do whatever you
possibly can in order to ensure the very best results possible.

The good news is that Endermologie can complement the results of other more
invasive fat reduction procedures, including (but not limited to):

Cool Sculpt
Skinny Beams
Contour Light
Laser Lipo
Radio Frequency (RF)
Micro-Laser Lipo
Yolo Curve
LED Light
Surgical Fat Removal (such as a tummy tuck)

Ask your doctor whether Endermologie prior to and / or after your procedure may help to optimize your results.

Our Endermologie “Pre / Post Procedure” package is designed to help complement a recent or upcoming  fat reduction procedure.  It may be appropriate for you if you're looking to smooth out uneven lumpiness, sculpt your figure, and stimulate your lymphatic system to more effectively and efficiently flush fat cells that have been destroyed (frozen, melted, or otherwise dissolved) by other treatments. Your sessions will be tailored to your own unique needs.

The reality is that Endermologie is a therapeutic service that offers cosmetically advantageous benefits.  Call us with any questions you may have regarding the appropriateness of Endermologie as a complementary adjunct therapy to your recent or upcoming fat reduction procedure. We’ll be happy to help!


Here Are A Few Reviews From Some Of Our
Pre / Post Procedure Endermologie Clients:


Endermologie Bliss
Endermologie Lipo Results

Araceli F. says: I had Endermologie as recommended by my physician post surgical
procedure for lymphatic drainage, loosening up connective tissue, and lessening
appearance of "orange peel" look of skin or cellulite...it works!  Results are relatively
quick and Susan is very proficient, knowledgeable and has a great personality.
Highly recommended treatment, as it is non-invasive and the results are quick :) *

The procedure was extremely helpful after my surgery...
5 Star Review 

J J. says:  "I had a delightful experience with this studio! First of all, my very first phone call
was received by Shane & he was extremely helpful in explaining the procedure I
was inquiring about (endermologie).  Second of all, when I arrived I was pleased
to see a lovely studio filled soft energy. Susan was very gentle, professional &
incredibly informative.  The procedure was extremely helpful after my surgery &
I would highly recommend it!  I look forward to returning, thanks you two!" *

I have been to two Endermologie sessions out of 18 and can clearly see some results.
5 Star Review

Paul W. says:  I have been to two Endermologie sessions out of 18 and can clearly see some results.
Who would have thought?  The procedure is quite pleasant and relaxing, sort of like a deep massage.
Susan and Shane have answered all my questions and explained in detail the process of Endermologie.  
Like another Yelp reviewer mentioned, they are more focused on the "Healing Damage or Clinical"
aspect versus a "Spa" type of message.  I can't wait to see the results after session 18! *

*Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via review sites, text, audio or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and / or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and / or services.

Endermologie Anti Cellulite Treatment - Austin



Endermologie Packages and Prices


LipoMassage Package: $1,475
12 (30 minute) sessions of LipoMassage
(body stocking provided)

Endermologie Ultra Package: $2,200
18 (60 minute) sessions of Endermologie + Vibration Therapy or CelluLight Therapy
(body stocking provided)

Endermologie Package: $1,375 
18 (30 minute) sessions of Endermologie
(body stocking provided)

Endermologie Pre / Post Procedure Package: $650
6 (30 minute) sessions of Endermologie designed to help complement a recent or upcoming fat reduction procedure.
(body stocking provided)

LipoMassage Single Session: $160
1 (30 minute) session of LipoMassage
(body stocking provided)

Endermologie Single Session: $145
1 (30 minute) session of Endermologie
(body stocking provided)

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