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Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment


EndermoTherapy Treatment

What Is EndermoTherapy?

EndermoTherapy is a mechanized, negative pressure, therapeutic massage modality that was first developed in France.


What Does It Do?

EndermoTherapy uses a state of the art, negative pressure, hand-held, motorized treatment head with specially designed rollers that gently lift and stretch our clients’ fascia while massaging the muscles, stimulating the venous and
lymphatic systems, and helping the body relieve DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Since EndermoTherapy is a very powerful circulatory and lymphatic massage therapy, and increases your lymphatic drainage, treatments
should be spaced with at least two days in between treatments.

As with all of our sessions, we may choose to incorporate the use of our Deep Muscle Stimulator, Flexibility Therapy, and / or Power Plate Technology into your EndermoTherapy session, making for a truly rejuvenating experience.

An EndermoTherapy session is 60 minutes long, and is well-suited for sports training, detoxifying, or a quick, relaxing massage. Each session is tailored to your needs and goals, which may include improved sports performance, pain relief, or improved circulation & energy.

EndermoTherapy-The Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment


EndermoTherapy helps to correct muscular and soft-tissue problems caused by adhesion formation from acute injuries, repetitive trauma and / or constant pressure and tension, as it simultaneously enhances circulation, reduces muscle tension, and facilitates the removal of lactic acid and other inflammatory toxins. The therapeutic uses of EndermoTherapy treatments are many and varied.

EndermoTherapy Soft Tissue Mobilization TreatmentThis is a personalized treatment adapted to the skin sensitivity of each individual client, and so it is never painful. Most folks love the gentle lift and stretch of the massage.

In addition to being a Clinical Massage Therapist, Shane Epperly is also a Certified Flexibility Therapist.  Flexibility Therapy, coupled with EndermoTherapy, can provide a powerful advantage against fascial restrictions. FlexibilityTherapy is a form of assisted stretching, which is performed on a treatment table. It can be performed exclusively or in combination with EndermoTherapy treatments. Unlike traditional stretching, Flexibility Therapy incorporates multiple angles and planes of movement, which simply cannot be achieved with the old-fashioned stretching you learned in gym class.  Fascia is a body system in and of itself. It is a web that exists as a multidimensional structure, surrounding every muscle in our body. EndermoTherapy is an effective modality that is particularly well-suited for addressing fascial restrictions.

EndermoTherapy Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment

Here's What A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say:


5 Star Review

Alicia E. says: Susan is a very informative, friendly and knowledgable therapist who made every moment of my first EndermoTherapy treatment enjoyable. I could feel the detox benefits at work after the treatment and we'll see what the long-term results will be. I highly recommend this.*

5 Star Review

Fran R. says: I first encountered both Shane and Susan via Groupon and have kept up a bit over the years. Wish I could afford going more often to have regular massages, but it's always a positive experience when I do go. Susan helped so much with a pesky cramping muscle in my leg once and yesterday was the first time I went for a flexibility session with Shane and I practically danced my way home; it helped SO much. I'm a loyal fan.*

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