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Flexibility Therapy

Example Of PNF Stretching Techniques 

Flexibility TherapyIn addition to being a Clinical Massage Therapist, Shane Epperly is also a Certified Flexibility Therapist. This training and certification allows Shane to help clients resolve basic neuromuscular imbalances, such as tight or “locked up” joints, which make them prone to aches, pains, chronic injury and impaired function and performance.



What Is Flexibility Therapy?

Flexibility Therapy is founded on Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching. Unlike traditional stretching routines, such as touching one’s toes, PNF stretching is NOT about “feeling the burn,” but rather breathing and relaxing into a gradual series of gentle and fluid yoga-like movements. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation can only be achieved by working with a partner. Therefore, a PNF stretching session can resemble a fluidly choreographed dance between a therapist and his or her client. During these sessions, Shane gently and fluidly guides his clients’ bodies through a series of active assisted stretches.


How Does It Work?

Flexibility TherapyProprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching uses scientific principles first established by Physical Therapists and Neurophysiologists to get the best possible response from the neurological system. Combining PNF stretching with unique combinations of angles, positions and techniques results in unparalleled gains in functional range of motion and increased strength and power. After your Flexibility Session, your body will have neurologically gained the ability to carry over the benefits of the session and use them for more efficient training, sport, and other life activities.

Shane’s clients attend their flexibility sessions in athletic clothing that allows for freedom of movement, such as yoga attire, and the sessions are conducted on a massage table. As a flexibility client, you will be an active participant in your session. Shane will work with you to open up joint capsules, lengthen muscle tissue and improve your overall range of motion. You will feel very relaxed during and after the session, much like you might during and after a massage session, but you will be fully clothed during the entire session. Several clients have compared it to yoga, saying an hour-long flexibility session leaves them feeling as if they have participated in a week’s worth of yoga classes.

Flexibility TherapyClients of all ages, from all walks of life, and of all fitness levels can benefit from Flexibility Therapy! One of the most ignored aspects of aging is the loss of flexibility in the joints, muscles and fascia. This process starts well before one reaches middle age and starts even sooner in the professional athlete. When one begins to lose flexibility, paunch and rolls start to form, posture sags, muscular imbalances develop and one becomes more prone to injury from simple causes. The aging process starts to accelerate if not interrupted by an effective flexibility and strengthening program. Shane’s flexibility sessions specialize in reversing this process so that your body is able to keep its resiliency instead of becoming more rigid as you get older.

As a Flexibility Therapy client, your session will last up to 60 minutes, so as to provide a complete evaluation, stretching, and a tutorial on how to maintain a personalized home stretching program.

If you are interested in a Flexibility Therapy session, please select the "Flexibility Therapy Session" from our service menu.



What Do Clients Have To Say About Flexibility Therapy?

5 Star Review
Fran R. says: I first encountered both Shane and Susan via Groupon and have kept up a bit over the years. Wish I could afford going more often to have regular massages, but it's always a positive experience when I do go. Susan helped so much with a pesky cramping muscle in my leg once and yesterday was the first time I went for a flexibility session with Shane and I practically danced my way home; it helped SO much. I'm a loyal fan. *


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