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50+ Ways to Bring a Touch of Cozy “Hygge”

to Your Massage Clients this Winter

Written By Susan Epperly, B.A., L.M.T., L.M.T.I. 

Format:  PDF

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 Power PDF (eMag)

Susan Epperly’s new "Power PDF," “50+ Ways to Bring a Touch of Cozy 'Hygge' to Your Massage Clients this Winter,” is the most recent addition to Tiger Lily Studios’ “Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates)” series.

After having become familiarized with the lovely Danish concept of "hygge," author Susan M. Epperly couldn't wait to introduce other massage practitioners to this wonderful art of making clients feel cozy, comfy, and blissfully content. In this PDF, she explains this charming cultural hallmark of Denmark, and offers up over fifty immediately actionable ways for massage therapists (or any health & wellness practitioners) to incorporate this hospitible art into their practice. While some of the ideas on this list require a monetary investment, many of them can be implemented immediately without any cost whatsoever. If you are ready to maximize your clients' enjoyment of their massage sessions and create an environment to which they will be eager to return, this PDF is for you!