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Kinesio Tape

      Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape Shoulder Application

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What Is Kinesio Tape?

The Kinesio Taping Method is designed to facilitate the body’s natural
healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints
without restricting the body’s range of motion. It is used to successfully
treat a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and medical
conditions. Both Kinesio® Tex Tape and the training protocol have shown
results that would have been unheard of using older methods and materials.


Trigger Point Therapy

How Does It Work?

Kinesio Tape works by pulling the upper layers of skin, creating more space between the dermis or skin and the muscle. The space created is believed to relieve pressure on the lymph channels in the area between the muscle and the dermis or skin, creating more space for lymph flow and thus better lymph drainage through an affected area. This space also houses various nerve receptors that send specific information to the brain.

When the space between the epidermis and the muscle is compressed, such as during an injury, these nerve receptors are compressed and send information to the brain regarding continuous touch, light touch, cold, pain, pressure, and heat. This information causes the brain to send out certain signals to the body on how to react to particular stimuli. Kinesio Tape alters the information that these receptors send to the brain and causes a less reactive response in the body, allowing the body to work in a more normal manner and removing some of the roadblocks that normally slow down the healing process.

Kinesio Tape Application