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Vibration Therapy

Used To Facilitate NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

Power Plate Vibration Therapy for Cellulite

Vibration Therapy And Reduction of Cellulite

Power Plate Vibration Therapy for Cellulite

Research Paper Conducted At:
Germany 2004
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 Vibration Therapy



What is Vibration Therapy?

Vibration Therapy is a gentle, relaxing, low impact therapy that uses vibration to tone and condition the body.  We utilize Power Plate® vibrational technology. We use Vibration Therapy to facilitate NeuroMuscular Reprogramming. NeuroMuscular Reprogramming is a soft tissue therapy that focuses on muscle, soft tissue, and nerves. The goal of NeuroMuscular Reprogramming is to identify and address the cause of the problem within the muscular system.  Through a postural assessment, the nerve root that is causing the problem is identified. By stimulating all of the muscles associated with a particular nerve root, the nervous system learns to send the proper signal to the muscles, allowing them to respond and function properly – with a full range of motion and without tension and pain. Restoring a full range of motion to a muscle ensures proper functioning, thereby maximizing the training process and optimizing performance. This helps to alleviate (and even eliminate) pain, restore proper range of motion, improve posture, and tone and condition muscle groups to work together properly.

How Does It Work?

It works by accelerating the body’s natural response to vibration, stimulating muscle fibers to reflexively contract.
Our Vibration Therapy sessions are targeted to your individual needs and goals.  Vibration Therapy offers a gentle and low impact way to reduce the appearance of cellulite, build muscle, and tone specific areas of one's figure.
As UT trained Personal Fitness Trainers, as well as Clinical Massage Therapists, we bring experience and expertise to whatever your goals may be.


Power Plate Personal Training Sessions


Reflexive stabilization of the body significantly increases nerve to muscle communication (Neuromuscular System).
The tri-planar movement of Power Plate® vibration sends proprioceptive information to your brain that your
center of gravity (COG) is being challenged in three-dimensional space.

Sensing stimulation of the entire system,the body’s proprioceptive system is equipped to quickly and safely respond
to rapid changes in direction, accommodate for increased shock absorption, and prepare the neuromuscular system
for loading and unloading.

With the increased demand placed on the body, the cardiovascular system is stimulated to increase circulation,
lymphatic fluid drainage, and recovery hormone production, pushing out waste products from muscle and
connective tissue, aiding in recovery.


Power Plate Vibration Training 


Vibration Therapy Also Complements Other Therapies.


We have found that combining Vibration Therapy with many of our other therapeutic modalities helps to support
and amplify our clients’ results in a variety of ways.

Clinical Massage Therapy – After we have strategically released myofascial trigger points in our clients’
musculature (whether manually, mechanically, or otherwise),
we have found Power Plate technology to be
invaluable in stretching those muscles and reprogramming the nervous system to understand and adapt to
the postural rebalancing that has been achieved (this is known as NeuroMuscular Reprogramming).
This helps ensure that the results achieved via the bodywork that we provide endures long after our
clients’ in-office sessions.

Flexibility Therapy – The Power Plate technology that we use in our facility is particularly useful in
stretching targeted muscles and / or muscle groups, which supports and amplifies the results that
clients gain from their Flexibility Therapy sessions. The incorporation of Vibration Therapy helps
gently facilitate PNF Stretching and helps clients safely achieve deeper stretches and less restricted
range of motion than they would be able to accomplish with Flexibility Therapy alone.  

EndermoTherapy – The significant myofascial releases that result from our EndermoTherapy sessions
can be supported and enhanced by the addition of Vibration Therapy.Once fascial tissue has been
mechanically massaged, nourished, and made more pliable, gently stretching that tissue by way of
various PowerPlate exercises can help
complete and optimize the myofascial release process.

Endermologie – Many of our Endermologie clients opt to upgrade to our “Endermologie Ultra” package,
which combines Endermologie with Vibration Therapy, helping to ensure optimal smoothing, toning,
and conditioning of our clients’ figures. 


Power Plate Acceleration Training