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Show Sore The Door

We have spent a great deal of time assembling this collection of resources that we are pleased to share with clients and fellow practitioners alike. Some of these resources we have created ourselves, and some have been collected (with permission) from trusted sources. We hope that you will find these resources to be helpful. And since we frequently update our resources page, we hope that you will continue to check back occasionally to see what new information is available.

We simply ask that you be respectful of the authors, artists, and others whose materials are listed here. After all, we’ve worked hard to create these works. You are certainly welcome to introduce others to these resources by providing links to these pages. However, if you are a fellow health & wellness practitioner and would like to share any of our original copyrighted content with your own clients (via your own client newsletters, social media outlets, printed marketing materials, etc.), please contact us to request permission to do so. Chances are, we’ll say yes. But you’ll still need to ask. If we agree to allow you to use our content, we will require you to give credit where credit is due. (But you would want to do that anyway, right? After all, it’s good manners, it’s good business, and it’s good Karma.)