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Our five star reviews, compiled over a 10 year period,
make one thing clear: our clients are the real stars!



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We are dedicated to making sure that each and every one of our clients has the most therapeutic and relaxing experience possible. And we always appreciate it when our clients are willing to share their positive experiences with others. On this page, you will find reviews that some of our clients have been willing to share. We hope that these reviews will help prospective clients better understand the services we provide, and get a glimpse of the unparalleled level of customer service that we strive to deliver.

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The combination of the endermologie and the vibration therapy has made my cellulite disappear!
5 Star Review

Karen M. says: Both Susan and Shane are the best at what they do. I cannot say enough regarding their professionalism, awesome services and the results that they have helped me to obtain. In addition to their amazing pain relieving clinical massage techniques and cold laser, I have also found that the combination of the endermologie and the vibration therapy has made my cellulite disappear at the age of 46! As an extra bonus, I've lost weight too! I just used my last session of endermologie with Shane and decided to go swimsuit shopping on the way home. Quite frankly, I was ready to cringe with the awful dressing room lighting as it is normally is extremely unflattering. Guess what? I was amazed at the results that I saw and I bought two swimsuits. Needless to say, I am feeling more confident and not dreading going to the beach or pool. I will be continuing these sessions for maintenance. These guys rock!*


Great Service
5 Star Review

Talita G. says: Shane was awesome to me and I could see results on my first session of Endermologie. Highly recommend!*


Agree, Cold Laser is A Game Changer
5 Star Review

Bev M. says: I wish I could have cold laser on a regular basis (as well as clinical massage) as it is saving me through severe cervical stenosis pain. But I drive over an hour to Austin just for the treatment, so unfortunately cannot keep up a good, steady regime like I need and should. Amazing to me that more people don't know about this treatment, but not everyone knows how to properly treat as Shane does.*


Superb service
5 Star Review

Kevin B. says: I've visited Shane several times over the past few years to address muscle issues during marathon training. Each time, Shane works his magic and I'm back to running stronger than ever. He is very knowledgeable and familiar with us runners so I highly recommend anyone experiencing tight muscles or any pains to make a visit to see him.*


Yelp needs a 6 star review option
5 Star Review

Melissa P. says: Yelp needs a 6 star review option for Tiger Lily Studios because 5 just isn't enough to express the awesomeness of Sue and Shane. I've gotten a lot of different massages over the years. Some have just been relaxing and some have helped with my movement but until I went to Tiger Lily I never really thought of massage as something that could truly correct a problem. After my first few sessions with Shane it was like I went in a time machine and reverted back to my 2-years-ago legs. I've continued to go back as I've faced the injuries common to all of us middle aged active folks and I honestly believe Sue and Shane have been an instrumental part of keeping me going and doing the things I love. But it's not just that, it's the entire environment. Their studio is just a perfect balance of business and hominess. I always feel welcome and I always enjoy the conversation. Both Sue and Shane ask great questions, really think about your situation and find the best options - basically they truly care and always give their all. Every time I leave I feel better than when I arrived, both in mind and in body. If you are thinking of checking them out stop thinking and start doing. Seriously, your body will thank you!*


I really enjoyed my experience here.
5 Star Review

Mallory M. says:  I really enjoyed my experience here. Susan is extremely welcoming and informative. I was pleased with my results from the endermolgie and am looking forward to booking more services with Tiger Lily Studios.*

Cold laser is a game changer
5 Star Review

Luann W. says: I found out about Tiger Lily via Groupon and have to say, Shane and Susan have been life savers. I have tendonitis in my foot, which has affected my knees and hips; the cold laser therapy relieves the pain and the deep tissue massage get me back in alignment. Plus their space is lovely and Susan and Shane are incredibly thoughtful, helpful and nice!*


Incredible service and skills
5 Star Review

Greg H. says: This is without a doubt the best place in Austin to get muscle work and a productive massage. My wife and I visit Susan and Shane on a regular basis. Whether it's to repair sore muscles or just get some great relaxation, it's always an incredible experience.*


Best Place In Austin for Athletes
5 Star Review

Jen B. says: Shane and Susan are amazing, knowledgable and hands down, the best LMT's in town! I've battled injured for a little over a year and only wish I had met Shane and Susan earlier. Shane has helped me beat a bad case of plantar fascia with cold laser treatment and deep massage. (I tried every possible treatment for PF and cold laser is the only treatment that worked 100%!!) He also helped with manage some inflammation that was building up in my legs from marathon training. Tiger Lily Studios is an essential part of my marathon training plan and I am so thankful for that. Shane and Susan go above and beyond to help their clients manage pain, relieve stress and/or address whatever you may be dealing with. I've been to a lot of massage/body workers around town but no one comes close to providing the services/care that Tiger Lily Studios does.*

Thorough & Knowledgeable
5 Star Review

Beverly M. says: I was referred to Shane & Susan about 4 years ago by my Naturopath when she moved back to Oregon. I was going to her for Cold Laser Therapy. I did go to Susan once for an awesome massage, but I live over an hour outside of Austin and even though I go there often, I just kept putting off going back and made excuses that I shouldn't spend the money on taking care of myself..... It took a debilitating carpel tunnel episode (and a number of other issues) to finally get me to call them again. I've had one session of Cold Laser Therapy with Shane so far, and I am able to use my hand without excruciating pain. Shane worked on my neck as well, and that is even moving more today. He takes the time to sit down and go over everything with you to get the full picture. He even took the time to reach out to my former Naturopath to ask about my treatments with her. I cannot wait to get back for more sessions of Cold Laser and massage. I believe Cold Laser is a miracle treatment. Thank you both!!*

Susan is my endermologie genius!!
Endermologie Lipo Results

Emily S says: I was concerned about small amounts of cellulite and some hardness after surgery. I called Tiger Lily Studios because after some internet research I thought endermologie may be what I was looking for. Shane answered all of my questions and suggested the 6 pack of sessions over the 18 pack and immediately I could tell that this place values what's best for you over making some extra money. 

When I got there, Susan gave me a background history on the practice and the machine that she was about to use. It's like a mini vacuum that she rolls on the areas of your body you are concerned about. You can go from 1-9.  I'm kind of a pansy and stayed around 3 but she said it doesn't have to be 
on 9 to be effective and boy is she right!

I've completed my six sessions and I can tell an immense difference in my body.  Not a trace of cellulite and no hardness in my body at all!! 100% bikini ready!*

Sue and Shane are both miracle workers!
Endermologie Lipo Results

Amy O. says: Sue and Shane are both miracle workers! I've been to both for massages when I have had certain cricks or sore muscles, and always walk out feeling so much better! These folks really know what they are doing, and are definitely some of the best massage therapists I have ever been to.
I've also recently finished the Endermologie Ultra Package with Sue, and WOW!, can I see a difference in my legs! It's quite a commitment (18 sessions), but well worth the time and the cost!
All in all, I don't know what I would do without Shane and Sue...they are AWESOME!*


Amazing Business, Great Treatment, Awesome Folks!
5 Star Review

Jenna H. says: I had never thought of massage as a maintenance plan for health and well being, only for acute situations...boy was I wrong! While I came in on an emergency, I've stayed for the long haul. Seeing Susan once a month for the last 5 years has helped with my mobility, health and mood! Susan and Shane are incredibly knowledgeable professionals (as well as super-fantastic people) and are always bringing in new technology to help heal us. I can't recommend them enough!*

Big thanks to Susan and Shane for helping me work through a painful arm injury.
5 Star Review

Laura M. says:  They took great care of me and were focused on getting to the source of the problem. I appreciated how they walked me through what they were doing with the trigger point therapy, cold laser therapy and light therapy. I live in San Antonio but plan on going back!*

5 Star Review

Fran R. says: I first encountered both Shane and Susan via Groupon and have kept up a bit over the years. Wish I could afford going more often to have regular massages, but it's always a positive experience when I do go. Susan helped so much with a pesky cramping muscle in my leg once and yesterday was the first time I went for a flexibility session with Shane and I practically danced my way home; it helped SO much. I'm a loyal fan.* 

Always the best!
5 Star Review

Joseph Y. says: My wife and I are from out of town, and always make it a point to see Shane and Susan whenever we visit. This year was no different, and the level of customer service they provide is exceptional! It all started with the first call we made to them in over a year as we headed to my parents' home from the airport. They remembered us right away, and even with such short notice, were able to schedule us within the timeframe of our abbreviated stay. We were staying an hour away, but the morning of our appointment, we got up early so we could make it there on time. Susan met us outside their new location, and was able to buzz us in to their gated parking area. We started a few minutes early, and the knowledge and expertise both Shane and Susan bring to the table (pun intended) is phenomenal! I had some tightness and discomfort in my upper back, shoulder, and neck area, and by the time our session was up, I was good as new! Shane also took the time to educate me with different stretches and techniques to use, and gave me some handouts to refer to. Bottom line is if you are looking for a professional massage, one that gives results, with world-class customer service, do yourself a favor, and check out Shane and Susan at Tiger Lily Studios!*

It's been several years since I first discovered Shane and Susan...and it keeps getting better...
5 Star Review

Greg H. says: I see Shane most of the time, but sometimes I see Susan. They are without a doubt two of the best massage therapists I have ever known. Whether it's for relaxation or to help cure aches and pains from exercise or stress, they are the best. I eventually talked my wife into using their services, and she is now also a dedicated customer of Susan's. A great couple...a great business and great friends.*

I have had a lot of body work in Austin and Tiger Lily is definitely one of my favorites.
5 Star Review

Eli H. says:  The massage and physical therapy work they do uses a lot of different therapies depending on what is needed that day but they don't charge extra to combine them. Susan and Shane are both the type of people that I feel 100% comfortable with touching me. Bodywork is so personal so having 2 professionals in one place that are effective and have the perfect "energy" and appearance leaves me feeling so much better when I walk into the place than I did before I got there. I have had a real stubborn pain in my lower back all my life and it only took Shane a few appointments to flush it out. He use a rubbery jack hammer machine on my entire legs and butt for an hour and the pain had no choice but to melt away. And I didn't even have to take my leggings off, which really helps with my comfort level. Shane also has the perfect back and arms massage, he applies a lot of pressure and always in just the right spot. It feels very safe and he has melted a lot of knots out of my neck and shoulders. It is also really super clean in there. They pay attention to every detail. Susan's peck/chest/armpit massage (sounds weird but really you must try it!) is the perfect compliment to Shane's upper body work. She softens up and stretches the muscles that attach my arms to my body which gives my posture a power boost. I'm standing up much straighter after so my double chin disappears because my neck isn't all squished down anymore. It literally makes my neck look skinny. Plus it helps with my wrists, because it loosens up all the muscles in my upper arms that were tight and pulling on my hands and wrists. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so nice to have therapy that really changes you. I am not a fan of the toooo light of touch body work, nor the super scary chiropractic stuff that yanks on me violently so this is the best of both worlds without any of the scary moments. The Endermologie with Susan is great too, its has helped my skin and complexion so much because I think it is flushing my lymph system. And Susan's facials are wonderful for firming and building collagen. She uses hot/cold temps with massage and cupping with fancy oils all over my face, neck and chest. I look amazing after.*

My first session with Shane was game changing after a decade of opioids.
5 Star Review

Mike O. says:  Steroid injections, prolotherapy and other acts of desperation for management of chronic pain in lower back And hips .

With no hard up sells on his part, I could not book follow ups fast enough as I realize that this trigger point soft tissue work requires time to reap full and permanent benefits. His process included education and modern equipment that led to deep deep release of troublesome connective tissue and joint tightness.
This is no day spa or cruise ship spa experience   clinical massage is serious business.

I know I gotta do my part with continued lifestyle modifications for a pain free life to click in for the long term.

I cannot speak more highly of my experience today, including relief from relentless spams and dialing down of the persistent dull ache and stabbing facet joint pain in my lower back.
At the very least, trigger point massages are an incredible way to manage symptoms But Shane's technique and understanding of human physiology, coupled with my planned use of a ball gag at the thanksgiving table and an ongoing love hate relationship with the treadmill, may very well coax muscles ligaments and tendons to snap back into place and away from nerve roots.  

I will report back in a few months.*

Endermologie Bliss
5 Star Review

Araceli F. says: I had Endermologie as recommended by my physician post surgical procedure for lymphatic drainage, loosening up connective tissue, and lessening appearance of "orange peel" look of skin or cellulite... It works! Results are relatively quick and Susan is very proficient, knowledgeable and has a great personality. Highly recommended treatment, as it is non-invasive and the results are quick :)  *

I had a delightful experience with this studio!
5 Star Review

J J. says:  First of all, my very first phone call was received by Shane & he was extremely helpful in explaining the procedure I was inquiring about (endermologie). Second of all, when I arrived I was pleased to see a lovely studio filled soft energy. Susan was very gentle, professional & incredibly informative.  The procedure was extremely helpful after my surgery & I would highly recommend it!  I look forward to returning, thanks you two! *

5 Star Review

Patrick S. says:  Awesome place. Very friendly and informative. Can't wait to come back. Susan you are awesome!*

I would (and have) recommended Shane to everyone I meet who may be experiencing anything from sports-related injuries to generalized aches and pains.
5 Star Review

Christina G. says:  I had been suffering from low back pain and decided to go the non medication route and try a combo of therapies recommended by Shane, who does an amazing job of listening and really getting to the bottom of problem while explaining cause and effect as well as using good evidence-based practice techniques. The proof is simply that I haven't been this pain free in YEARS. I now feel like I have a handle on my pain and with some  maintenance, my days and sleep patterns are better. Nice environment and they offer specials from time to time as well....hooray! 5 stars for sure! *

It hurts so GOOD!
5 Star Review

Mariel A. says: Best massage therapy experience I've ever had! Susan began the appt by speaking with me to really determine the causes of my pain and stiffness. She then treated me accordingly and it was life changing! I felt as if she honestly wanted to help me and rehab my muscles. Her hands are magical! I will definitely be coming back for more!*

I have been getting massages for over 20 years.
5 Star Review

Keith W. says:  I found Shane four or five years ago and currently see him for massage.  I can honestly say he is the most knowledgeable and effective therapist I have ever seen.  Shane and Susan's business (Tiger Lily Studios) is a real pleasure to frequent and the customer service is fantastic.  I am co-owner of a business where top notch customer service is critical and I recommend clients of ours to Susan and Shane; that's how confident I am in their customer service and skill set.  They offer a range of services like endermologie, vibration plate sessions and other therapeutic things that I haven't used, but I've heard great things from the people I've recommended over there  As for myself, I get the straight up "yeah, I shouldn't have tried to lift that much weight" therapuetic massage sessions from Shane, who always knows what to do to correct the self inflicted damage I tend to accumulate trying to stay fit and do things I should have stopped doing 20 years ago.   If you're an athlete or just a weekend warrior and tend to over do it, I highly recommend them, because they really know what they're doing.

Because customer service is so important to our own business, I pay a lot of attention to that aspect of any outfit I go to and it's usually pretty easy to figure out which businesses really care and which are just going through the motions.  Susan and Shane really care and it shows in what they do.   Give em a try, you won't be sorry.*

Not a big yelper, but these guys have earned a 5-star rating for sure.
5 Star Review

Kelly B. says:  I don't even live nearby but I just keep coming back!  
-Excellent services
-Friendly, personable and knowledgeable staff/owners
-Cute little gifts/local art on display
-Free water & Pellegrino
-Secure and always available parking

5 Star Review

Alicia E. says: Susan is a very informative, friendly and knowledgable therapist who made every moment of my first EndermoTherapy treatment enjoyable. I could feel the detox benefits at work after the treatment and we'll see what the long-term results will be. I highly recommend this.*

Untied Knots
5 Star Review

Leeann A. says: I have endured hip pain for years, possibly from a yoga injury or continued repetition of a poorly held posture. Susan explained the knotting problem with follow up stretches to keep my muscles unknotted. Her deep and thorough massage focused on my issue. She used a machine (the jack hammer) that really got in deep and worked out my gluts. I loved it! she is also very arts & crafty, so the space is tastefully filled with some of her trinkets. I even found handmade Valentines cards there!*

Susan and Shane Epperly are the best in this business.
5 Star Review

Nancy B. says:   I have to say that I was skeptical of endermologie.  I now go at least once a week and will continue to do so. I noticed a significant difference in the cellulite on my legs in about six sessions and it continues to get better each time I have a treatment.*

Necessary 'Shot in the Dark' that was Sooooo much better than expected.
5 Star Review

Ken N. says: Came from near Seattle; did not have time to go to my 'intimate stranger' local masseuse; found the Epperlys on the Web because they are close to the hotel I was staying in Austin, made the appointment long-distance. Susan met me at the door so I'd find the address! I believe Susan saved me from spending attendance at my annual Symposium in the flatness of alcoholic anesthesia. Evening 1, after Susan had done her work : Desperately drained, like the day after a hard climb. Day 2: First day of the Symposium. Felt like the Proving-Ground for every Elephant in India. Day 3: Very fine indeed, with just soft ache in the muscles that had viciously seized before. Day 5: Many hours in Economy at 35,000 feet brought the twinge back, but 99.6% less than the trip to Austin. Day 7: Just enough twinge to say "Protect your Back. Susan said so." Thanks *

5 Star Review

Arlana c. says: I had been dealing with neck and back pain for several weeks now. I was in constant pain on a daily basis. I booked an appointment with Shane for cold laser therapy. When I left his facility, the pain had lessened by 25%. That evening, the pain had decreased by 95%! I am still feeling great this morning and so grateful for all of Shane's help and knowledge.*

Amazing healing and people!
5 Star Review

Maggie M. says: I am an avid soccer player, runner, healthy active woman and often need some healing at age of 40 plus. Tiger Lily Studios is amazing every time... They keep me healthy and feeling amazing even through injury. The atmosphere is supportive as kind and empathetic.. Yet professional and knowledgeable. I will return long term and have referred many happy customers!*

Regular "Tune Up"
5 Star Review

Al j. says: Have been a customer for years and I go every three months or so for what I call a "Susan Tune Up" on my back and neck. Makes a world of difference and helps manage sore spots and pain flare ups.*

5 Star Review

Leslie S. says:  It was about 5 years ago when I first started going to Shane and Susan.  I was on a hunt to get rid of some minor but unsightly cellulite.  After A LOT of research and knowing that I didn't want to go under the knife, I came across Endermologie at Tiger LIly Studios.  No, I am not a giant person (5'4" 120#) but like most people, there is some cellulite present no matter how much you work out or diet.  

I ended up investing in the series of the Endermologie treatment, and it was one of the best decisions.  The process only takes 2 times a week for 30mins.  And slipping into a compression suit ("super hero suit"), hanging out with complete and comfortable professionals, and striking up friendly conversations while listening to classic rock....what more could you ask for?  From day one, I could tell a difference.  My 'problem areas' around my buttocks, gluteal fold, and upper thighs started to feel tighter.  About halfway through the treatment I was at the beach with some girlfriends and they were complimenting me on my backside, which was a really a boost of self esteem.  At the end of my treatment series, I felt like I could be a bathing suit model. :)

But just like any other choices in life, upkeep is a must.  About once a month a treatment is recommended after the series.  I unfortunately did not completely follow that suggestion.  The good news is my deep cellulite areas are not apparent, but there are some superficial cellulite, which is easily smoothed out with some extra attention.  

Shane and Susan are wonderful people to work with for massage, Endermologie, Cold Laser, etc.  They are experienced and are always looking for the new and upcoming treatments.  I continue to use them and recommend them to everyone!! *

Heals Every time.
5 Star Review

Rachel V. says: Susan knows how to heal and prevent injuries. Even though the "tool" she sometimes uses can be uncomfortable, the results are amazing. Since most of my massages are trigger point I go in with the expectation that it's not necessarily going to be fun, but Susan really knows how to put you at ease and make this type of massage as painless as it can possibly be. She is awesome and really knows what she is doing. To top it off, she's pleasant, caring and provides excellent customer service. You can't go wrong working with her.*

Life changing!
5 Star Review

Anne J. says: I experienced my first cold laser therapy treatment after being unable to stand up straight for a couple of weeks. I went from a pain level of 9 to about 3 in an hour's time and walked out standing up straight. The people I work with said I grew two inches over the weekend! I am recommending Tiger Lily Studios, Shane, and cold laser therapy to everyone I know! And I will DEFINITELY be back!*

Shane saved my marathon!
5 Star Review

Kevin B. says: Last Monday while completing one of my last workouts before yesterday's California International Marathon, my calf locked up on me. The pain had been building for several weeks and I was hopeful I could make it to the marathon without any issues. Fortunately for me, a friend recommended I get into to see Shane asap so I could still run my marathon this weekend. I was lucky to get an appointment the next morning with Shane. He spent a good hour working out the golf ball size knot in my calf and provided me with cold laser therapy. He gave me instructions to soak my leg in cold,hot, cold water and come back to see him in two days for another round of laser therapy. My calf started to feel much better after the first treatment and was back to 100% by Friday. I was not only able to finish the marathon yesterday, I also met my 3:05 goal. This is my personal best time by over 4mins and I couldn't have done it without Shane! I highly recommend Shane if you're experiencing running pains. I've seen many specialist over the years for running issues and I've never seen immediate results like I did with Shane. Thanks again Shane!*

The Best
5 Star Review

Delia D. says: After trying a lot of massage places in Austin, we discovered Tiger Lily Studios. Susan is by far the best therapist we have had in Austin. She understands Anatomy and the human body, she is very skilled and always willing to listen and adjust to client's needs. Her massages were always good, there is a strong work ethic at Tiger Lily Studios. Both me and my husband high recommend Susan.*

Ankle Relief for a Competitive Sports Lady!
5 Star Review

Maggie M. says: Shane was wonderful! I play soccer in two competitive leagues and run 5x a week..so my 40 year old ankles are getting knocked around and used quite a bit. Feeling arthritic pain inside my ankles, I came to Shane for Cold Laser Therapy. Let the healing begin. With laser and K tape, I am on the road to healing long term...and can still do what i love to do. I am from a family of traditional doctors, and didn't want to go through loads of doctors to diagnose a problem. Shane started the healing right away...and I appreciate that. More visits in my future!*

I have been to two Endermologie sessions out of 18 and can clearly see some results.
5 Star Review

Paul W. says:  I have been to two Endermologie sessions out of 18 and can clearly see some results. Who would have thought?  The procedure is quite pleasant and relaxing, sort of like a deep massage. Susan and Shane have answered all my questions and explained in detail the process of Endermologie.  Like another Yelp reviewer mentioned, they are more focused on the "Healing Damage or Clinical" aspect versus a "Spa" type of message.  I can't wait to see the results after session 18!*

Trigger point Therapy
5 Star Review

Stacey S. says: I came in with a pain between my left scapula and my spinal cord. I probably hurt the area by over exercising. Susan is amazing! She massaged the area and also used a device that helped brake free excess toxins. I left with no pain in my shoulder and I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend her to anybody! Thanks Susan.*

Can't say enough good things about Susan and Shane Epperly.
5 Star Review

Alice S. says:  I have seen both of them in my quest to heal from major back trauma.  They each have their different specialties but work in tandem to come up with a protocol for each individual client/patient and their issues.  Tho they do offer a regular massage, this studio is best suited for those with neuromuscular issues and/or needing one of the other specialty services they offer (I highly recommend the cold laser if you are suffering from deep pain issues.)  They are not only professionals in every sense of the word, but very kind, fun, enjoyable human beings.  Can't recommend them enough.*

Cowboy Boots Fit Like Slippers?
5 Star Review

Bryan L. says: I was visiting from Los Angeles and Susan gave a fantastic massage in areas where I needed it most. I will definitely be back anytime I am in town. She even was kind enough to explain what is so great about cowboy boots to an out of towner, that they fit like slippers once you wear them in... who knew?*

Sweet relief!
5 Star Review

Katie T. says: I'm a nurse, and after a few minor insults to my back, I had my first ever experience with real back pain that lead me to calling into work. I was scared! I found Susan on Yelp and am so so glad that I did. She was knowledgable, informative, professional, and most importantly effective! I went in with a tingling pain in multiple locations in my back that was requiring 400 mg of ibuprophin for releif. After a 60 minute clinical massage, which at times was a bit uncomfortable, I left tingle and mostly pain free! She warned this would not be a "fall asleep relaxing massage" and talked me through what she was doing and why every step of the way.  Day1 post massage I was a bit 'sore' like I had worn a back pack that was too heavy, and here we are day 2 post massage and I am happy to say I'm just about pain free! And I haven't  taken a single thing for pain since I left her office. I bought one of her packages and can't wait to go back in to have that "fall asleep relaxing massage"! Thank you, Susan! I will recommend your services to my friends and coworkers! *

Pain Free
5 Star Review

Meg E. says: After recommendation from a friend who said that a massage with Susan was the only thing that helped her through her neck and shoulder pain- I made my appointment. Susan was super personable and knowledgeable. I walked in with such a sharp pain in my neck and very limited range of motion and walked out with already increased range of motion and pain free. I have been pain free ever since! Thank you Susan for getting right to the root of the pain and helping me to be relieved! I will definitely be back!*

Their focus is less "spa massage" and more of a "healing damage" type.
5 Star Review

Riley S. says:  This is great if you want lasting results. I'm sure they can also do full body massage, and I'm sure it would be good, but Susan went straight to my area of pain, my shoulder, and focused on that. I felt good about the work done and decided to schedule another appointment and I bought a package for my girlfriend as well. *

Shane spent 20 minutes reviewing my medical history and problem areas.
5 Star Review

Pat B. says:  Shane was extremely thorough and knowledgeable.  I've been to 4 different locations for massage therapy in Austin and they all pale in comparison to Tiger Lily Studios.  Will definitely be going back for more treatments.*

Reduced swelling
5 Star Review

Shannon J. says: I had a cupping facial with Susan, and it was wonderful. It was the best facial of any kind I'd ever had. I had swelling in my face from an allergic reaction and the facial really helped reduce the puffiness. Susan has a magic touch - she's not only knowledgable and skilled, but fun to talk to as well. In addition, she was able to get me in on very short notice. I highly recommend her.*

More relief than I ever imagined I could have......
5 Star Review

Annetta B. says: Susan and Shane came highly recommended by my sister. I suffer from pretty serious migraine headaches and went in to see Susan the first time with a beginning migraine. When I walked out of there, I had no headache and it didn't return. What a great blessing! On the next visit to Susan, she worked out a particularly bad catch in my neck and shoulder. Again, the problem never returned. Shane used a little cold laser treatment on a torn muscle in my forearm....I will be seeing him again for that treatment. It truly is speeding the healing of that muscle. These two folks are super - wonderful, very kind and highly professional. I'm proud to have them calling Austin home!*

5 Star Review

Steven R. says:  I had a hour massage here and it was great they are pricey but did a really good job!*

Cold laser really worked for me...
5 Star Review

C M. says:  Cold laser really worked for me on a deep bruise in my tailbone that was very painful. Susan and Shane worked together to figure out the best approach, they are a great team. The next day I felt a huge improvement! Amazing!*

Wonderful experience.
5 Star Review

Julie W. says: Susan saved my face! After a mesotherapy procedure I was so swollen and bruised. I went in for the Cosmopolitan facial, and Susan performed the cupping procedure. Not only was it relaxing, but it relieved all the tenderness and greatly diminished the swelling. What a relief; my face no longer hurt! She is a phenomenal person and does incredible work. She offered some great suggestions for maintaining the pain relief. I highly recommend her to anyone! I will be taking advantage of the other services she and Shane offer.*

Great experience
5 Star Review

Arlana c. says: I was experiencing major neck/back pain and could not find anyone to fit me in on short notice. I contacted Shane and he and was able to fit me in. Shane was very informative and addressed my neck/back issues. The environment was nice, comfortable and relaxing. You can tell that he cares about his clients and loves helping others. I walked away feeling great. Arlana*

5 Star Review

Alexis s. says: Susan and Shane came highly recommended, and now I know why! I was in a car accident on Christmas Eve, and diagnosed with 4 bulging discs. Susan spent awhile going over all of my sensitive areas with me before she began, and made sure to explain exactly what she wanted to work on. I left not only feeling like I had a great massage, but I could tell my muscles really responded to the treatment. I would recommend her to anyone looking for relief!*

Just in Time
5 Star Review

 Al J. says: I was able to get in to see Susan before my trip. i did NOT want to suffer while sittting in a cramped airplane seat. Feels back (no pun intended) to normal, thanks Susan!*

Instant relief!
5 Star Review

Donna W. says: Susan was awesome and the Cosmopolitan Cupping Facial was beyond amazing! I came to Susan in a panic after some mesotherapy that resulted in some significant swelling in my face...right before a big girl's trip. I got instant relief and will absolutely come back to experience more incredible services!*

Susan is Great!
5 Star Review

 Heidi g. says: Wow- I had a bit of a crisis with some back pain, and Susan got it cleared up for me. This was my first massage ever for something other than relaxation, and now I know why it's so important! Thanks, Susan!*

Best massage Ever!
5 Star Review

 Dayna M. says: Shane was wonderful! He took the time to really listen to my issues and did a great job of customizing the massage just for me. He was extremely knowledgable and explained why he was targeting certain areas to alleviate the pain in my hips and knees. For the first time in months, my pain is gone! Thank you Shane!*

Finally Someone Who Helped!
5 Star Review

Nathalie W. says: I am so glad I went here. Shane was amazing and was the first person in four months to be able to help me with the pain I was experiencing in my neck. I would recommend these two to anyone. They are so friendly and really professional and its clear that they really know what they are doing and care about their clients. Thank You!*

5 Star Review

Leah D. says: I've seen Shane quite a few times and will be back! He is tremendously knowledable and takes the time to really understand what is bothering you. His ability to locate and release trigger points/knots has imrpoved my quality of life and helped me be much more comfortable at work (desk job), running, and taking care of my twins infants. I've also never been to someone so interested in not seeing you again. He takes time to give handouts and explain stretches to try to keep you pain free and out of his office. He will also talk you through what he is doing and why. He provides a fabulous service.*

5 Star Review

 Paul W. says: Great, great, great!....and did I mention it was great!*

Facial Massage
5 Star Review

 Karin T. says: Wonderfull! Have already booked another appointment to follow-up. Results were amazing!*

Best Massage Therapists I have ever seen!
5 Star Review

Greg H. says: I now try and have a weekly appoinment, usually with Shane but sometimes with Susan. They are both excellent. Before I started seeing Shane regularly I thought I might need to see a physician about growing hip and back pain I was having, but I'm so glad I saw Shane and Susan first! They have helped me more than I ever imagined. My pain has decreased significantly, I'm more flexible than ever, and my bike riding has improved signnificantly. I rarely write on-line reviews, but the work that Shane and Susan do deserves recognition.*

5 Star Review

 Vanessa F. says: I have to admit, some of the work is not the most pleasant to live through, but then again I have a lot of neck pain and trigger points. But AFTER the sessions I am always much better, I'm not wearing my shoulders as earrings anymore, and the pain is gone!*

Truly professional therapists
5 Star Review

Doug S. says: I came to Susan about 2 and a half years ago with a frozen shoulder. I was undergoing physical therapy (very painful) to get the (pain filled) range of motion back before I found Susan, The pt didn't take into account the way muscles react to injuries and stress (surprisingly). At first I went to Susan to increase my pain free range of motion, but it turned out she was helping me recover from my physical therapy sessions as well. I used to have a lot of tension in my upper back which was keeping me from standing up straight, requiring chiropractic, she worked all that out, explaining what caused it and how to avoid it. I banged up an ankle kayaking and it turned blue so Shane did the cold laser and the color came back. They are both extremely knowledgeable, professional, and take a personal interest in my well being. I can't say enough good things here.*

Always awesome
5 Star Review

Melissa E. says: I can't say enough good things about Shane and Susan. In fact, I've bragged so much about them that at least 1/2 of my friends have gone to see them too. They listen to what I want done (either something relaxing, or really pinpointing a key area) and work their magic. They don't have a 'set routine' massage that they do each time like some places...they actually focus on YOUR needs to make you feel better. I can't tell you how many aches and pains Shane and Susan have cured for me. I can't recommend them highly enough. --Melissa*

5 Star Review

 Bobby W. says: Loved it. My neck is much better. Looking forward to the next one. See you soon.*

In a word?
5 Star Review

Denise O. says: Perfection (w/Susan) I have an appointment with Shane next week !!*

5 Star Review

 Sheilagh L. says: Susan was wonderful. I walked out of there in a dreamy relaxed state of mind and body. She is well educated in the art and technique of message and knew exactly how to release my tensions. I would recommend her to anyone needing a message from a clinical therapy message to just pampering yourself because you deserve it!*

Amazing Service
5 Star Review

Vesna S. says: As always, I look forward to my appointment with Shane and Susan. Hands down they are the most effective therapists I have ever experienced.*

Amazing Service!
5 Star Review

Andrea D. says: Just had my first visit and Susan was very welcoming when I came in the door. The foot soak was such a wonderful surprise. Shane asked a lot of questions to understand my issues, was very knowledgable and provided me a lot of information and feedback on followup to the laser treatment. The entire visit was such an upbeat pleasure.*

Two words: magic hands!
5 Star Review

Venessa F. says:  Actually, I need more words to describe how much I like the massages here. I get results! Like most everybody, I have chronic neck/ shoulder tension. Every time I leave my shoulders are at least an inch lower than when I came in! As clinical massage therapists (meaning they have 500 more training hours than what you need to get a massage license), they assess the situation and work on what is needed, rather than going through a standard routine (as in many other chain places that shall remain unnamed). They also use a lot of tools like the DMS to work out knots and trigger points or a cold laser to help the blood flow to tight muscles or stiff joints, which have helped me enormously.
On a couple of occasions I have been a bit sore afterwards so it is really important to adhere to their post-massage care instructions, which they make sure to give you on your way out. I take it as a good sign as I always feel better afterwards.
It is a pleasure to come in to see them not only for the results but also because they are genuinely good people who care about their clients and treat them well. You don't get that fake persona that you often do at upscale spas. You pay for and get a good product and not a bunch of fancy packaging. (Although you do get some nice surprises like a foot bath when you come in and a bath bomb at the end for the soak they recommend after the massage!)
They are very popular it seems as you do have to book your appointment in advance especially if you want a wekend or evening slot.*

5 Star Review

Chase A. says: Susan did a wonderful job! I myself am a former therapist and I am very particular and critical of the therapy that I receive. She didn't miss a beat the whole time. Susan really knows her stuff. She is obviously well educated. Once I began describing to Susan my condition and my pain areas she was able to quickly assess the necessary techniques to use for the session. She has certainly gained a new client. As long as she's in business I will be on her massage table! Chase*

A great massage every time!
5 Star Review

Tonyia C. says: I've had three massages with Susan Epperly. It always feels very luxurious and pampering. Susan is amazing and gives a massage unlike any I've had before. The first two times, rather than a relaxing massage, she really worked on my painful trigger points. Susan took the time to talk with me to figure out the areas that needed work and targeted those. The last time, I asked for a more relaxing massage, and Susan was happy to accommodate. I really feel Susan cares about her job and knows what she's doing. Best massage ever. Don't hesitate to get in there!*

Great Experience
5 Star Review

Jeetu M. says: Shane was very friendly and accommodating. I loved the courtesy hot water foot soak. The place had a great ambiance and gave a great sense of comfort. Shane is a great listener and is very honest about the treatments and what they can do for you. Definitely enjoyed the experience*

Susan she resolved an issue...
5 Star Review

Carol M. says:  When I started working with Susan she resolved an issue I had struggled with for several years in one session and has helped me (at age 59) maintain the fitness level I needed to do half-ironman triathlons and two marathons this year.   Both Shane and Susan are are skilled professionals who are easy to talk to and provide a relaxed and supportive environment.  And if I  want to just relax I can get a massage that just spoils me.  I highly recommend their services to those of us who understand the importance that "body work" has to helping us achieve our fitness goals.*

Cold Laser Therapy
5 Star Review

 Jennifer k. says:  I decided to try the cold laser therapy through a groupon deal. i was pleased with the results and hope that when i have more in the way of my finances that i can return for another treatment. shane was very professional and personable. I felt that he really took the time to inquire about my history with pain and attempt to figure out the cause. I would recommend their business to anyone.*

Should have booked MORE time!
5 Star Review

 Matthew M. says: Best massage I've gotten yet! Go for the 6 massage package... In my opinion you won't find a better massage for the money anywhere!*

Best massage ever!
5 Star Review

Greg H. says: I've had massages at a number of great resorts around the country, but none have accomplished more for me, in terms of increased flexibility, pain relief and stress reduction, that the work that Shane does. Getting a massage after the end of a tough week at work or after doing work around the house or exercising a bit too much is something I really look forward to.*

Great all around
5 Star Review

Stacie B. says: Ive seen Susan a handful of times and she is always professional, attentive, warm and caring to me.She gives a great massage and the room is relaxing. The sitting area and massage rooms are neat and clean. The online booking is easy and convenient.Very highly recommended.*

5 Star Review

 Luis S. says: I really liked the massage. Shane was very professional and worked the exact spots I needed. After the massage I felt great. I was very loose and ready to play the tournament I was signed up for. I got through the tournament with no pain and feeling great.*

Great massage for long-term wellness
5 Star Review

Karen H. says: Shane takes the time to explain what he's doing to release pressure, and even how to prevent it and help keep those kinks out! They are so knowledgeable and accommodating...I never want to go anywhere else!*

The Perfect Balance of Therapeutic & Nurturing
5 Star Review

Amy P. says: I've been to a lot of massage therapists and bodyworkers over the years and was so impressed with Tiger Lily Studios. The breadth of knowledge and commitment to healing and service is exceptional here. I had had a biking accident and Shane took the time to really understand both how the injury happened and the symptoms I was experiencing before beginning my treatment. Afterward he took time again to explain how the treatment went and what I could expect as the healing process began. His quality of presence allowed me to relax and trust that I was in good hands. Tiger Lily Studios also pays a lot of attention to nurturing details. From an aromatherapy footbath that was prepared for me when I arrived (so that I could fill out the paperwork!) to the cushioned and heated massage table, to the Aromatherapy salts suspended under the face cradle, to the soothing music, to the hot cup of green tea the entire environment is designed to heal not only the body, but also the mind and spirit! It is rare to have such in-depth, therapeutic knowledge combined with so many nurturing details. I can't recommend Tiger Lily Studios highly enough. Thank you Shane!*

5 Star Review

 Lauren H. says: Great massage and super relaxing.*

The best ever!
5 Star Review

Lyn C. says: This was my first time to see Susan. She talked to me, listened to me and was kind and professional. She did exactly what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. I am a RN and work within a large organization...I am telling everyone that I see what a wonderful experience this was for me. I went in stressed, tense, backache and ready to scream. I came out like a new woman..refreshed, relaxed, calm and feeling wonderful.*

5 Star Review

Crystal M. says: I have only seen Susan twice, but the reason for that is because after my first visit with her she did such an amazing job that I didn't need to go back for another 8 months. I love how attentive Susan is and she is just so friendly. She listened to all of my concerns and even took the time to educate me on how to avoid pain-causing postures and sleeping positions. Susan was even working out knots in areas that I didn't know were an issue! I highly recommend her to anyone & everyone when they mention that they need a massage. Although their massages are normally out of my price range (I save a little every month to be able to go back), they are well worth EVERY PENNY. I look forward to my next visit with her whenever the need arises. Don't hesitate to get in the door with them. They are beyond amazing!!!*

I'm healed!
5 Star Review

Lisa M. says: My shoulder blade was hiding a large boulder of a knot!!!! Pain going up into the front of my shoulder and neck... I told him I wanted it gone... Poof! Gone! Thank you, thank you! Amazing....*

Perfect Massage!!!
5 Star Review

Debbie S. says: Susan talked to me before the massage and actually listened to me. I have really sensitive skin and her pressure was perfect. No bruising and soreness the next day. After the massage, Susan and Shane explained to me how the cold laser machine works. I plan to do that treatment very soon for my bursitis. I highly recommend them...and the sound system is great!!!*

Highly recommended...
5 Star Review

Ly B. says: My husband and I highly recommend Shane & Susan. We've compared notes after our appointments, and Shane & Susan both know how to help alleviate stress, tension, and pain. As a runner, Susan has helped me relieve tightness in the lower back and alleviate hip and knee pains. From working countless hours in front of the computer and also playing the guitar, Shane helped my husband fully bend his thumb again and alleviate his back pains. Whatever your ailment or the simple need to relax, we highly recommend Shane & Susan Epperly.*

Very Personable with a Unique Mix of Services
5 Star Review

Gail M. says: I came in because of a Groupon and admitted that I tend to impulse buy when I'm in pain, but I'm glad I did this time! I called to say I might be late - they said no problem. I was greeted with a foot bath- awesome! Then when I discovered the range of services they offer I thought it would be a great place to come back to. All my questions were fully answered and I love the idea of combining different types of therapy.*

The most relaxing message I have ever had!
5 Star Review

Laci s. says: susan was awesome!!! just make sure you have someone to drive you home because you leave so relaxed you wont be able to drive.*

5 Star Review

NANELLA A. says: Very satisfied with the treatment of cold laser.*

Thoughtful and truly excellent
5 Star Review

Lance C. says: After 15 years of receiving massage and traveling for work, I always remember the best massages and experiences. Susan is terrific and the massage she provides is top 10 in my book. She is also interesting, thoughtful and a professional who knows her craft. Great hands and strength, and most importantly she gives 100% to you while you are there. Great atmosphere and experience all around. Susan is amazing. LC*

Great Massage
5 Star Review

Doug D. says: Shane listened to what was bother me (neck and lower back) and focused the hour massage on alleviating the pain and issues with those areas. Always focused on the patient and asking about the right amount of pressure to ensure everything is worked out correctly. Had to cancel my 2nd appointment due to a return flight home change, but will definitely be back next time I am in Austin! *

"Perfect" Really Does Describe It
5 Star Review

Courtney F. says: This really is the perfect massage experience for me. While it's relaxing and enjoyable, the focus is more on lasting pain relief then simply a one time massage experience. Shane takes the time to find out what your pain problems are and is able to relax tension that feels like it has been there forever! It really is a comprehensive approach to your health and pain relief. *

Susan and Shane are simply the best out there!
5 Star Review

Lonni M. says:  I have had massages at many other places and nobody is as caring, professional, or skilled as these two.

The atmosphere is wonderful--inviting and calm. The massage rooms are very special with incredibly comfortable beds, soft sheets, music of your choice, and marvelous aromatic crystals. The massage is tailored specifically to your needs and I have had everything from a soothing, relaxing massage to a massage that works on trigger points and tense muscle groups.

Shane is skilled at both massage and and flexibility work. He has worked with me for a year on my painful hip and is probably the major reason I can walk today without extreme pain. Like Shane, Susan is delightful and a consummate professional at her work. I have had massages from Susan as well as her "Cosmopolitan" facial cupping--which made my skin look and feel wonderful!

I don't consider going to Shane and Susan a luxury but a necessity for health and well-being. Thanks you two!!!*

Tune Up
5 Star Review

Al j. says: I'm on a quarterly tune up schedule to keep things loose and in line. Susan is GREAT! I'm so glad they're right in the neighborhood.*

Relieved my Pain!!
5 Star Review

Becky M. says: I too am a massage therapist and have many painful issues going on with my back, neck and shoulders. Shane always does an excellent job releasing the trigger points and tight muscles so I am able to go back to work the next day without any pain. Shane has a profound knowledge of the muscles and how they work. He even figures out the most complex pain patterns and eliminates them. He gives just the right amount of pressure to be effective without causing pain. I've been to many massage therapists and he has given me the most lasting pain relief. I drive about 35 miles to see him and will continue to do so.*

Susan was awesome!!!
5 Star Review

Kary s. says: I had an hour session with Susan yesterday, and could not be happier with my session. Ive been having neck, shoulder, and back pain for the last year. She was very thorough and took time to explain the possible causes and gave me several helpful suggestions to treat, and prevent the pain from getting worse. Ive been to urgent care 3 times in the last year, and all of the Dr.'s were somewhat dissmisive and suggested massage and yoga while writing me a script for muscle relaxers. I am now more aware of my posture and how I position my body while I drive, sleep, and work at the computer. You can tell she loves what she does, and she is GREAT at it!!! Thanks Susan :-)*

Best Massage Ever!
5 Star Review

Rachael M. says: Shane and Susan go the extra mile every visit to insure that I leave feeling better. I exercise quite a bit and find myself knotted up routinely. Shane takes the time to evaluate my pain and uses a methodical approach to resolve my issues. They continue to find ways to make my experience better. I'm so glad to have found them.*

Best massage ever
5 Star Review

Tonyia C. says: I've had two massages with Susan Epperly. When you first get there, they welcome you with a nice foot bath and something to drink. It feels very luxurious, pampering, and puts you in the right state of mind for a massage. Susan is amazing and gives a massage unlike any I've had before. Rather than a relaxing massage, she really worked on my painful trigger points. Susan took the time to talk with me to figure out the areas that needed work and I really feel she cares about her job and knows what she's doing. The complimentary post-massage information and bath salt at the end is a nice touch. Best massage ever. Don't hesitate to get in there!*

I agree with every previous review. Shane and Susan are the best
5 Star Review

Kathy C. says:  I agree with every previous review. Shane and Susan are the best,.. .knowledgeable , professional, and they know precisely how to fix what ails you. The atmosphere is lovely but not ostentatious, The spa sheets are dreamy. Shane and Susan are each thorough, sincerely concerned for your well being, and listen intently to fully understand your concerns or issues before and during treatment. They do not push their services but once you've experienced their work, you will want to return for more. Thanks to both Shane and Susan, my posture is improving and I am getting pain relief from a long term problem hip.*

I went in for the Groupon deal and was so glad I did.
5 Star Review

Margo H. says:  Shane and Susan share a small, homey space right near Magnolia Cafe. Susan welcomed me with a warm foot bath, which was nice. She spent the time to ask me about areas to focus on and explain how muscle systems work. The massage was one of the best I've had. And I do like my massages. At the end, the pain in my shoulder was significantly reduced, but I also felt relaxed--sometimes it's difficult to combine deep bodywork with relaxation, but she did it. You can book online, which to me is a real convenience. I'm now a repeat customer. :) They regularly run specials too, so it's worth checking their website or getting on their mailing list. (And I realize that this review now sounds like a shill, but it's not--I just highly recommend this place.)*

5 Star Review

Courtney F. says:  While not the traditional relaxing massage (although they offer that too) this was the best massage I have ever had! I carry a ridiculous amount of stress in my back. Shane explained to me how the muscles work and why certain areas give me pain or tension. He was very professional and answered all of my questions thoroughly.

I intend to go back soon and continue to work on relieving years of tight muscles.*

I had and accident and injured my head and had headaches six weeks after the accident that wouldn't go away.
5 Star Review

Eddie F. says:  I had noticed this business because it was close to where I lived and wanted to find a massage therapist. I had and accident and injured my head and had headaches six weeks after the accident that wouldn't go away. I didn't even know they did that kind of specific work. Went to Shane and he explained in detail what he was going to do. I was a bit skeptical after suffering through headaches for six weeks and he didn't make any great promises, but my headaches, dizziness and cognitive problems all significantly improved and all but went away after the first hour session. They are experts at what they do and I highly recommend them.*

I was going to post pretty much the same thing Monica said.
5 Star Review

Melissa E. says:  Found Shane via Groupon, and loved that he is about 5 minutes away from my house. The best part (besides the massage) is that he listens for as long as you need to tell him your symptoms, issues, likes/dislikes, etc. He even measured me against a wall chart to see where i was most uneven (never had that done before).

the massage is wonderful, and on a heated bed, which I love. I've done both a relaxing soothing massage, and a super deep trigger point massage. both felt wonderful.

I HIGHLY recommend Shane to anyone looking for a great massage experience.*

I got the chance to try this place out by purchasing a Groupon - and boy am I glad I did!
5 Star Review

Monica M. says:  I've tried out quite a few places in Austin, and I can definitely say that the experience I had was definitely a good one!

I had to fill out the normal paperwork, and while you do that - you get a nice foot soak with Eucalyptus scented water.  I went into the room to have a talk with Shane about the kinds of work outs that I do (swim, bike, run), and the types of muscle pain I get from it.  I got to choose what kind of massage therapy I wanted - did I want to just relax, or have something specific like Trigger Point therapy?

Getting started is nice too - the massage tables are heated, the rooms have a great ambiance, and the diagram of the musculoskeletal system on the wall helped me pinpoint EXACTLY where my muscle tightness was coming from.  You get aromatherapy, spa music that is not obnoxious, eye masks, heating pads, and hot towel treatment at the end.  Oh, and a nice little thank you gift of a bath salt at the end.:)

I felt completely at ease there, and was super happy to have tried it out!  I definitely recommend for a good calming massage experience!*

Susan is Amazing!
5 Star Review

Jessica B. says:  I've been going to Susan Epperly for about 6 months on a regular basis for help with post running recovery and injury prevention.  She is amazing!  She takes the time each session to talk to you beforehand about what is going on with your body, she takes notes for reference each time and customizes each session with exactly what you need. She has helped me to stay injury free, stay relaxed and has played a role in the success of my marathons.

Susan, Shane and their facility are incredibly friendly and welcoming.  The care they have for not only their clients but also their business as a whole is incomparable.  

They not only offer your traditional massage therapy services, but they also stay on the forefront of new alternative therapy methods like cold laser and endermotherapy so that they their clients are always getting the best of the best.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Susan and Shane - I'm lucky to have found them in Austin!!*

Susan is Awesome!
5 Star Review

Sarah B. syas:  This is what massages should be! It is not going to feel good to get out knots that have been ingrained in your muscles, but after a massage like this you can actually move those muscles the way they are supposed to move! It is 2 days after my massage and my muscles are sore (like I worked out), but I can actually move them and the pain I had before from knots is gone! If you want a real massage you must try Susan and Shane! They also give you perks like a homemade fizzy bath bomb and sheets with info on how to make the most of your massage and info on stretches! WOW I was truly impressed! Thank you Susan!* 

Leg/Hip Pain GONE!
5 Star Review

Christopher H. says:  Shane and I along with his wife went to massage school together here in Austin.  I was having some pain in my right leg just below my hip and I'm ashamed to say that I waited WAY too long to have it checked out.  As a bodywork professional I would have given my own client a hard time about waiting so long.  Anyway, I talked with Shane about it earlier in the week and set up an appointment time for some work with him and with no surprise to me - Shane was able to determine the issue was a trigger point in one of the gluteus muscles.  After the intense work he did to release the point we both figured I'd be a little sore the day after - and how wrong we were.  I had NO soreness and my leg/hip pain seems to be gone.  There's no bruising at the site or anything.  My work depends on my having a healthy body and I would like to say thanks again Shane for your help.*

Chronic Pain Relief!
5 Star Review

Diana B. says:  After my experience with chronic pain for many years, Susan and Shane have provided more relief to me than any other modality I tried. I have visited other massage therapists in the past. and appreciated their approaches, which promoted relaxation. Susan and Shane offer unique modalities, and their knowledge of and interest in my specific situation is beyond compare. They go beyond a luxurious relaxation massage and cater to my needs for pain relief and increased flexibility. They not only met my needs for healing, but they also cater to a healthy clientele with different goals. Susan and Shane are experts in their approach and create a new genre of clinical massage. My favorite part is the unexpected perks (at no extra charge) cup of tea, warm towels, candles, aromatherapy to name a few, and of course, a fizzing bath bomb handmade by Susan (not available in stores!) at the culmination of each visit. This approach to massage therapy is new and fresh, and I am glad to have found Susan and Shane.*

Great Assistance-Thanks!
5 Star Review

Jerry P. says:  Shane has been of great assistance when I suffer from large muscle problems. The deep treatment and the more regular treatment were an enormous help from my suffering. His clinical technique was absolutely outstanding. I am very fortunate to have Shane assist me when I experience the pain and stiffness from muscles. The clinic is very inviting and clean.*

Susan is sooooo wonderfully fantastically awesome
5 Star Review

Peggy G. says:  Susan is sooooo wonderfully fantastically awesome - she has worked out knots in my back that have seriously been there for YEARS. If you have not had a pain therapy massage before, be forewarned: this is not a relaxing experience. It hurts almost as much as childbirth, but the relief from the knots later on is very very worth it. My back was so bad that I couldn't sit at my desk without intense pain. After three sessions, all of those issues are gone! Hurray! Susan will make you feel completely comfortable and is so understanding - she really cares about getting to know you as a person. Thank you Susan!!!*

Five Star Massage
5 Star Review

Katy M. says: Susan is awesome. She is personable, but gets right down to business. She has worked out kinks in my hips that I did not even imagine could be fixed. She helped me locate a tumor in my abdomen that later I went to a western doctor to have removed. I just can't say enough good things about Susan. Make an appointment for a deep tissue message if that is your thing and you won't be disappointed. Katy*

 Susan is AWESOME!
5 Star Review

Andrea S. says:   I am a massage therapist myself, so I am very, VERY careful when selecting someone to work on me. It's not often that I find someone who does what I ask for, and is intuitive enough to know what else my body needs aside from my major complaint that I wandered into her office with.

Susan has just the right combination of technical skill and intuition to make the massage feel really complete. You feel like things are actually moving and changing, and she cares about you and is actually listening, instead of doing a routine like a lot of other therapists do. I would recommend her to my own clients -- that's how much I like her!*

Just had to chime in and say once again that Susan rocks.
5 Star Review

Updated review

Betsy K. says:  Just had to chime in and say once again that Susan rocks.  She just managed to get me out of another "pain crisis," and on with my life, after I foolishly jacked up my back doing yard work.  Don't know what I'd do without her!*


Great Experience
5 Star Review

Betsy K. says:  Now, I know that everyone has their own set of criteria when it comes to finding the perfect massage therapist, but I, for one, had a hard time finding one who's not too over the edge with the "new age woo-woo," but who is still sincere, caring, and, most importantly, competent. Well, once I found Susan, I knew my search was over. She's great. Her training has been very heavy on the clinical aspects of massage - she uses LOTS of trigger point therapy, and sometimes it almost freaks me out that she can, for example, work on my calf and relieve a pain in the bottom of my foot, or work on some spot on my back and get rid of some weird pain I'd been having in my stomach! She seems to know those charts inside & out, and obviously has a lot of experience relieving people's pain. When she's working on me, I lay there convinced that she must be seven feet tall with "banana hands." The amount of pressure that she's able to exert is amazing. Sometimes it's hard to believe she's a mere mortal, and not some freakishly strong massage therapy super hero. But, don't get me wrong: she definitely knows when to "pour it on strong," and when to back off and be gentler. This is what I love about her technique. She has a cool quote printed on her business cards that pretty much sums up her touch: "Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength." ~Ralph W. Sockman I also really like her pricing schedule. I always book her "Customized Massage Therapy Session," and she simply charges for her time, and then uses whatever techniques, tools, and amenities she deems appropriate (incorporating my input, too, of course). No extra charge for hot towels, hot stones, her awesome vibrational tool (DMS, I think it's called), hot packs, taping, etc. She just does what needs to be done, and doesn't "nickel and dime" me with "add on's" like I've had many spas and other practitioners do. She throws in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and whatever else we decide will be helpful. I HATE being overwhelmed and confused by spa menus and having to decide whether I want a cheap (but largely ineffectual) relaxation massage, or a pricey (but frequently torturous) deep tissue massage. Susan charges a fair "middle of the road" price (not a massage mill price, but not a "fancy-schmancy" spa price, either) for a truly customized massage that always seems to cure what ails me!*

Problem Solved!
5 Star Review

Kim M. says:  When I first arrived at Shane's office suite building, I wasn't overwhelmed by elegance.  But, I had to remind myself that I hadn't gone there for an uber-pampering spa retreat.  I had gone there because I hadn't been able to raise my arm above my shoulder for months.  

Don't get me wrong, the lobby was tidy and professional, and his clinic room was warm and inviting, but the charts on the walls didn't let me forget that I was there for serious business - not just a nice, dreamy nap at the spa.  

After I had filled out the paperwork, and explained what my problem was, Shane started out by asking me questions.  Lots of questions.  His questions made me think about my pain, how it started, what kinds of things make it worse (work, driving, recreation, etc.), what positions I sleep in, past (seemingly insignificant) injuries, and other things that I just hadn't spent much time - if any - thinking about.  He then had me show him on his charts where my pain was, and did some muscle strength tests.  Shane worked his massage magic on me for an hour, interspersed with the use of hot packs and his wonderful DMS machine, and I left there feeling better than I had after any visit to even the most exquisitely elegant spa.  And, best, of all, the range of motion in my shoulder increased dramatically after that first visit (and has continued to do so as I have continued to see him).  

Shane's got the goods, plain and simple.  DON'T go to Shane if you want a glass of cucumber water, fresh flower arrangements around every corner, and a mediocre massage.  DO go to him if you want someone to take a sincere interest in what is going on with your body, use his extensive skills to address those issues, and ultimately relieve your pain!*



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