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"Techniques & Application of Vapocoolant Spray & Stretch"
Instructional DVD

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Spray & Stretch Instructional DVD


We are proud to have created this educational video so you can learn “Techniques & Application of Vapocoolant Spray & Stretch.” Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Physician, or other qualified healthcare professional, this long-proven technique will allow you to effectively release your clients’ or patients’ myofascial trigger points, thereby alleviating soft tissue-derived pain.

This is a highly effective, non-invasive, quick and painless method for releasing trigger points and relieving the pain associated with them. Vapocoolant spray & stretch techniques allow clinicians to get virtually instant results while saving their hands from the wear & tear generally associated with manual therapies. The supplies required for this modality are completely portable and can be used in any treatment room, or even at on-site sporting events.

Spray & Stretch Instructional DVDVapocoolant Spray & Stretch Techniques are Ideal for:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Pain Syndromes
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restricted motion
  • Minor sports injuries

Having studied and implemented this tremendously effective technique ourselves with great therapeutic results, we are now pleased to introduce other fellow health & wellness practitioners to this highly efficient modality via this instructional DVD. The video will walk you through vapocoolant spray & stretch techniques muscle by muscle, and will show you the most effective spray patterns and directions for each application via interactive animation and practical demonstration.

Contents of DVD (Running Time: 01;18;00)
Time Code Content
00;01;22 Opening Dialogue & Introduction
00;04;10 How does vapocoolant spray work?
00;05;40 The Application of “Spray & Stretch” is Simple
00;07;07 What is a Trigger Point?
00;09;49 How to read the pain referral and spray pattern charts
00;11;18 Other Helpful Tips & Notes
00;12;34 Note precautions when using spray & stretch
00;16;33 Practical demonstrations for head & neck
00;16;47 Upper trapezius
00;18;00 Middle trapezius
00;18;55 Lower trapezius
00;19;59 Sternal division of the SCM muscle
00;20;50 Clavicular division of the SCM muscle
00;21;41 Temporalis
00;22;42 Pterygoids
00;23;41 Masseter
00;24;44 Suboccipitals
00;25;42 Semispinalis
00;26;34 Splenius Cervicis
00;27;33 Levator Scapulae
00;28;39 Practical demonstrations for shoulder & upper extremity
00;28;54 Scalenes
00;30;41 Supraspinatus
00;31;34 Infraspinatus
00;32;31 Subscapularis
00;34;08 Latissimus Dorsi
00;35;16  Teres Major
00;35;55  Serratus Anterior
00;37;39 Rhomboids
00;27;33 Anterior Deltoids
00;39;20 Posterior Deltoids
00;40;16 Teres Minor
00;41;24 Triceps Brachii & Anconeus
00;42;32 Biceps Brachii
00;43;16 Biceps Brachii-Posterior spray pattern
00;43;34 Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus,  Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis & Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
00;44;47 Flexor Carpi Ulnaris & Flexor Carpi Radialis
00;46;01 Practical Demonstrations For Mid-Low Back & Lower Extremities
00;46;18 Paraspinals:  Deep (Short) Paraspinals (The Multifidus and Rotatores Muscles)
00;47;31 Paraspinals:  Superficial (Long) Paraspinals (Erector Spinae Muscles)
00;48;55 Rectus Abdominis
00;50;53 External Obliques
00;51;55 Iliopsoas
00;53;09  Iliopsoas-Posterior spray pattern
00;53;40 Quadratus Lumborum
00;55;30 Piriformis
00;56;52 Gluteus Maximus
00;57;57 Gluteus Medius-Anterior Fibers
00;59;10 Gluteus Medius Posterior Fibers
00;59;49 Gluteus Minimus Anterior Fibers
01;01;25 Gluteus Minimus Posterior Fibers
01;02;55 Hamstrings Position #1
01;04;22 Hamstrings Position #2
01;05;23 Hamstrings Position #3
01;06;14 Vastus Lateralis
01;07;36 Rectus Femoris
01;09;29 Vastus Medialis
01;11;11 Gastrocnemius
01;12;37 Soleus
01;13;51 Tibialis Anterior
01;15;27 Closing Dialogue & Conclusion
01;15;58 Credits

Learn this low-impact, highly efficient technique; increase your client or patient satisfaction by delivering powerful pain relief quickly and painlessly; and add an invaluable new skill set to your clinical repertoire!

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Spray And Stretch Techniques Posters (Upper & Lower Body)
Two Poster Set $29.95 USD for one poster or $59.90 USD for the set.

Supplemental Materials to Tiger Lily Studios' Video

These full color posters are 24" x 36" and are the perfect reference materials to use in conjunction with Tiger Lily Studios' instructional video, "Techniques & Application of Vapocoolant Spray & Stretch."  These posters outline the proper application of vapocoolant spray & stretch for the upper and lower body.  These charts feature actual full color stills from the video, as well as a brief overview of the basic application protocol (client positioning, trigger point location, pain referral areas, and spray patterns) and precautions to be taken.  These beautiful "at-a-glance" reference posters will look great in your treatment room and will also serve as a valuable marketing tool that will let your clients and / or patients know that you offer vapocoolant spray & stretch as a therapeutic modality.