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Susan Epperly, BA, LMT, LMTI, CMT

Natural Anti-Aging Specialist

Natural Anti-Aging Specialist Susan Epperly

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Susan Epperly Natural Anti-Aging Specialist












Over a decade ago, Susan Epperly’s Massage Therapy career first introduced her to the ways in which Swedish Massage can help people relax and recharge. Working in some of Austin’s most opulently appointed and internationally recognized resort spas allowed her to hone her craft of flawlessly delivering hospitality, luxury, and relaxation.


Her extended studies in Clinical Massage Therapy introduced her to the many ways in which Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques, and Vibration Therapy can relieve clients’ chronic and acute soft tissue-derived pain. Rigorously studying the work of Dr. Janet Travell, MD elevated Susan’s Massage Therapy career by introducing her
to the safe and powerful pain relief that Manual Therapies can provide.




And most recently, Susan’s Massage Therapy career has led her to explore the many ways in which various massage modalities can provide safe, natural, effective, and sustainable cosmetic benefits.  In her own beauty regimen, Susan has embraced a myriad of non-invasive, organic, chemical-free,  and painless methods for mitigating various signs of aging, including fine lines & wrinkles; facial puffiness; under-eye bags; jowls along the jaw line; hyper- pigmentation (including age spots); cellulite; and more.

In recent years, she has been eager to also introduce her Massage Therapy clients to this collection of natural solutions for the face and body. By embarking on a rigorous course of both structured continuing education and self-guided study, Susan is now pleased to assist her clients in not only feeling, but looking, their absolute best through modalities that are based on stimulating the body’s own healthy responses (as opposed to invasive procedures that inevitably cause injurious trauma to the tissues).

Primarily through vacuum therapies, mechanotransduction, light based therapies, and organic skin care ingredients, Susan has come to be known as an expert in providing clients with the safest, most stimulating, and least damaging cosmetically advantageous therapies.

Her specialties in this area include: 

  • The “Cosmopolitan” Cupping Facial, which is Susan’s own signature service. Blending a mosaic of global modalities, including Swedish Facial Massage, Chinese Negative Pressure Cupping, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Techniques, and Scandinavian Hot & Cold Therapy, this service samples some of the most ancient and effective techniques from the world over. This service is renowned for facilitating microcirculation; promoting lymphatic drainage; reducing facial puffiness; minimizing under-eye bags and jowls along the jaw line; plumping up fine lines and wrinkles; toning the musculature of the face, thereby softening expression lines; balancing the complexion; prompting the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production; and offering a long list of other cosmetically (as well as therapeutically) advantageous effects. 

  • Endermologie, a negative-pressure, mechanized massage modality for the smoothing of cellulite, the tightening of the skin, and the toning of the body. Rooted in lymphatic drainage, myofascial release techniques, and mechanotransduction, this FDA-approved modality has been popular in Europe and the U.S. since the 1980’s.

  • Cellu-Light™ Light Based Therapy for the smoothing of cellulite and the tightening of the skin. By stimulating improved circulation, this non-ablative, non-laser light therapy can gently and safely assist in the beautification of the body.

  • Power Plate Vibration Therapy for the toning of the body. Combined with strategically chosen toning yoga poses, Power Plate vibrational technology can amplify the results seen from Endermologie and / or Cellu-Light Light Based Therapy. 

  • EndermoLift “Face Lift Massage,” a negative-pressure, mechanized massage modality for the face, neck and décolletage. This relaxing and gentle service, through mechanotransduction, stimulates the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production, toning the delicate facial skin; diminishing fine lines and wrinkles; relieving facial puffiness; diminishing blemishes and scars; minimizing under-eye bags and saggy jowls; and providing many other anti-aging benefits.

  • Stimu-Light™ Light Based Therapy supports the skin in self-repairing and reversing sun damage. This completely safe, exceedingly gentle, non-ablative, non-laser light therapy can assist in stimulating the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production; diminishing fine lines and wrinkles; and addressing hyper-pigmentation issues such as age spots (also known as sun spots or liver spots).

  • The use of therapeutic grade essential oils and natural skin nourishing botanical oils. Whether as lubricants for providing massage modalities, or as therapeutic and / or cosmetic applications, Susan strives to seek out the most beneficial oils for her clients’ skin and bodies. Combining these applications with various methods to facilitate dermal penetration (including heat applications and various skin-penetrating carrier oils) allows Susan to deliver the greatest possible benefit from each botanical preparation.


Susan’s philosophy is that the key to natural beauty is stimulating one’s own body to respond to gentle, nurturing, non-invasive stimuli in healthy ways. This is in contrast to invasive, ablative, and / or harsh chemically-based procedures that cause injurious trauma to the tissues and may result in temporary or prolonged pain; undesirable (and unattractive) reactions; long-term or delayed side effects; health risks (including infection or rejection); unintended bodily responses (scarring, swelling, or allergic reaction); and / or other possible adverse events.

Susan looks forward to discussing which of these services may be of the most value to you as you seek out the most effective, gentle, relaxing, non-invasive, non-ablative, natural, and organic means by which to age gracefully and beautifully. Please feel free to reach out to her with your questions.