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Dr. Jason S. Reichenberg, M.D.

Director of UT Medical Branch Dermatology in Austin
As Massage Therapists, we are in a unique position to see areas of our clients’ skin that they aren’t able to see themselves. Sometimes we spot an unusual mole or other mark that had previously gone unnoticed, which we think ought to be checked out by a Dermatologist. In which case, we are always quick to refer clients to Dr. Reichenberg. His unparalleled expertise and kind, approachable manner make him our Dermatologist of choice. Even if you’re not aware of or concerned about any particular spot, Dr. Reichenberg will be happy to provide an annual preventative full body scan to ensure that there is no cause for concern (an item on our own annual health & wellness “to do” list).

This area of health maintenance is particularly near and dear to our hearts since Susan lost her father to skin cancer when he was only 47 years old. Skin cancer is serious business, but prevention and early detection are key. So get in to see Dr. Reichenberg right away and put your own mind at ease.

And, by the way, Dr. Reichenberg has confided in us that he’s learned a thing or two from Massage Therapists: Instead of cruelly forcing you to stand in the middle of the exam room all nekkid and humiliated for your full body scan, he allows you to comfortably recline under a cozy cover while he kindly undrapes each area individually, so as to avoid goose bumps and salvage your dignity. He’s nice like that.


Dr. Donald Brode, M.D.

Board Certified in Family Practice
Austin Regional Clinic

Dr. Brode is an exceptionally kind, caring, compassionate (and, did we mention cool?) person, which makes him a phenomenal physician. Simply put, he rocks.


Dr. Luis Casaubon, M.D.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, and MetabolismTexas Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr. Casaubon is cool.  Not in a “too cool for school” kinda way, but in a “I’m SO stoked that I found such a super cool doctor!!!” kinda way.  (Which is *exactly* what Susan said in the elevator after her first visit with him.)  Dr. Casaubon is refreshingly generous with his time.  He makes sure that his patients understand their condition and that all of their questions have been answered completely, in understandable terms.  His pragmatic and practical approach to treatment makes it clear that his foremost concern is for his patients’ welfare and peace of mind.  His calm, yet concerned demeanor puts his patients at ease while his medical expertise allows him to unravel the symptoms and data with which he’s presented.  If you’re looking for a doctor who will take the time to listen to you, offer you a pragmatic and reasonable treatment plan, and treat YOU rather than just your symptoms, then he’s your man.      


Dr. Robyn E. McCarty, M.D.

Texas Sports & Family Medicine

Dr. McCarty has been caring for athletes in Austin since 1999, and her dedication to helping active folks prevent and recover from sports injuries is obvious.  We’re always happy to refer our clients to Dr. McCarty when their injuries require the care of a physician.  Her clinic is centrally-located and just a hop, skip & a jump from our place. 




DoTERRA Essential Oils

The use of essential oils can help support clients’ management of aches & pains; uplift their spirits; and provide cosmetic benefits in the areas of anti-aging regimens and anti-cellulite applications. Shop for exceptional quality essential oils by clicking on the link above, and at your next appointment, ask Susan about how incorporating essential oils into your home self-care routine may be beneficial for you.


Trigger Point Products

Whether you are a massage client or fellow practitioner, you will find a host of products on this great site, which will facilitate better self-care and / or allow you to better help your clients or patients.


National Geographic: Stress – Portrait of a Killer [DVD]

Learn More
If you want to *really* understand why it’s so very important for you to manage the stress in your life appropriately, watch this National Geographic film, which will make it crystal clear. We all know that a healthy lifestyle involves healthy stress management strategies (in the form of massage, for example), but this film reminds us (in scientific terms) of the profoundly detrimental – even deadly – consequences of leaving our stress levels unchecked. Two thumbs waaay up!


GTS Therapeutics’ Couples Massage Video

Learn to Give Your Partner a Great Massage!
Clients, now don’t get us wrong, we’re certainly not attempting to make ourselves obsolete or anything, but wouldn’t you love to learn how to give your partner a really great massage at home? Sure you would! In fact, many of you have asked us whether we teach instructional classes on Couples Massage, or sell a “how to” video on the subject. Well, we searched high and low, and behold: we have found a top-notch quality video that will teach you how to give your Sweetie a wonderful massage (y’know, until you can come back in and see us, of course). GTS Therapeutics (owned by Tiffany and Gary Blackden, a husband and wife Massage Therapy team like us!) offers this great product on which we have unabashedly put our “stamp of approval.”

Purchase GTS Therapeutics’ Couples Massage Instruction (Instantly!)
Downloadable Video for $19.95

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Purchase GTS Therapeutics’ Couples Massage Instruction (Instantly!)
Downloadable Video Plus DVD for $32.95

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Keith Kristofer Salon

Anyone who thinks that it doesn’t make sense to include a link to a hair salon on a page entitled “Wellness Resources” clearly doesn’t understand the transformative, curative power of getting a new ‘do, a facial, or a mani / pedi! And Keith Kristofer Salon is one fantastic place to do so, as far as we’re concerned. Offering a wide selection of cutting-edge techniques in hair, skin, and nail care in an exquisite, high-energy, artistically-inspired environment, the folks at Keith Kristofer are as nice as can be, and artists, every one.



Deep Muscle Stimulator

“The art of relief. Engineered for Performance. Designed for Healing.” Learn more about the D.M.S units we use in our clinic by clicking here.


GTS Therapeutics’ Guide to Offering Couples Massage Classes to the Public

Fellow MTs, Have you considered teaching Couples Massage to your clients and potential clients? Offering this type of class to the general public can serve as a great marketing tool for your practice and provide you with a less physically demanding way to generate revenue. This kit, offered by GTS Therapeutics (of which we are big fans!), will provide you with everything you’ll need to start offering Couples Massage classes right away. Not only will you receive a top-notch instructional video that you can show to your class attendants, but you’ll also receive a content-packed e-book that will walk you through the process of coordinating successful classes that can generate buzz about you and your business, as well as attract new clients for your practice!

Purchase “The Smart Massage Business Plan: Teaching Couples Massage” (Instantly!)
Downloadable Video plus E-Book for $27.00

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