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Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates) Series™
Tools & Resources For Growing Your Health & Wellness Business.

Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates) Series

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Susan and Shane Epperly of Tiger Lily Studios, LLC have built a thriving Clinical Massage Therapy practice from the ground up.  They have defined themselves as Thought Leaders in the Health and Wellness Industry and have now created a new series of resources to help their fellow Health & Wellness Practitioners build their own thriving, sustainable, and rewarding practices. 

“Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates)” is a series of affordable products including DVDs, CDs, eBooks, audio books, and more.  Each of these products has been crafted to help private practitioners, as well as multi-therapist practices, excel in the areas of business, marketing, advertising, and more.  

The ideas, suggestions, tools, tips, and resources included in the series have been “test driven” by Susan and Shane in their own practice.  These are proven paths to sustainable success.  And, as is the case with all of Tiger Lily Studios’ products, the production quality of the “Your MBA” series is top notch. 

“Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates)”can be of help to:

Massage Therapists in Private Practice

Multi-Therapist Massage Practices

Spa Owners



Naturopathic Doctors

Yoga Instructors

As their busy practice allows, Susan and Shane are eager to add additional products to the “Your MBA (Massage Business Advocates)” series, so stay tuned as new titles come online.   

“Your Health & Wellness Practice …Made Perfect.”

Products in this series include:


Using Online Social Buying Sites To Promote Your Business  This 2 1/2 hour audio book goes through the ins and outs of marketing with a "Groupon" style web company.  (Downloadable Audio Book)

Massage Marketing:  "Parting Gifts"  This eBook offers a collection of hundreds of proven ideas for creative promotional "take aways" for your exisiting and prospective clients.  (Downloadable eBook)

Designing The Perfect Massage Space
  The definitive guide to designing the perfect massage space on a tight budget.  Covering all aspects of creating beauty and functionality, this eBook will show you how to choose, design, and decorate a massage treatment room that will support you in doing your most inspired bodywork. (Downloadable eBook)